Resmo vs Wing Security

Resmo, compared to Wing Security, excels in uncovering hidden Shadow IT, provides actionable insights for IT teams, and fosters better team collaboration with ChatOps.
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Multiple SaaS app discovery methods

Resmo employs a variety of app discovery methods, including native integrations and browser extension so that you get the full visibility without blindspots.

Self-remediation through ChatOps

With Resmo, IT teams can reduce their workloads by letting employees fix their own issues through ChatOps, using channels like Slack or Microsoft Teams.

Reliable, secure and cost effective

Our team has background running four 9's availability systems over the last decade. We combine reliability and flexibility and make security accessible for everyone.

Why Resmo is the best Wing Security alternative


Wing Security

Precision in SaaS Application Discovery

Resmo uses native integrations and browser extensions for precise application discovery, leading the market in accuracy and thoroughness.

Streamlined Security Remediation

Resmo boosts your IT/Security team's capabilities with automated ChatOps flows, efficiently identifying and resolving security issues.

Superior Value and Consistent Pricing

Resmo balances affordability and predictability, offering a scalable pricing structure that adapts to your specific needs.

Comprehensive Integrations for Enhanced Data

Resmo collects comprehensive data from 100+ tools, improving visibility and security across all SaaS operations beyond basic findings.

Timely Change Detection

Resmo identifies and monitors changes across all assets, maintaining a historical record for users, applications, devices, and repositories.

Contextual Incident Investigation

Resmo moves beyond basic user login data, simplifying entities and enabling SQL and free-text search for expert IT investigations.

Deep comparison

Best Wing Security Alternative: Resmo vs Wing Security

SaaS Discovery Insights

Both Resmo and Wing Security are adept at detecting employee logins, offering insights into your SaaS landscape. However, Resmo distinguishes itself from competitors, including Wing Security, with its native integrations to over 100 SaaS tools. This provides a more comprehensive and detailed perspective on SaaS discovery.

Resmo’s native integration list

Efficient Security Remediation with ChatOps

Identifying security issues is merely the beginning; the true test often is in resolving them. Resmo enhances the remediation process with its innovative ChatOps feature. This tool allows IT teams to instantly communicate with the person responsible for a particular issue. Through automated Slack notifications, the concerned individual is promptly alerted and guided to address the problem. The strength of ChatOps lies in its immediate engagement with issue owners, eliminating the need for manual follow-ups. In contrast, Wing Security, an alternative to Resmo, leverages workflow automation to manage the remediation process.

Superior Value with Transparent Pricing

When evaluating SaaS security solutions, comprehending the pricing structure is crucial to gauge the potential investment. Resmo, as one of the best alternatives to Wing Security, provides clarity with its per-user pricing that encompasses all features. In contrast, Wing Security's custom pricing can make it challenging to understand the overall cost.

Comprehensive Integrations for Enhanced Data

Resmo and Wing Security aim to capture vital login information, covering aspects such as MFA usage, weak passwords, and account sharing. Yet, Resmo stands out with its native integrations to more than 100 SaaS platforms. Such extensive integration allows Resmo to present a deeper dataset, shedding light on the tools that employees frequently engage with.

For example, Resmo's integration with GitHub goes beyond just logging details. It furnishes insights into organizations, deployments, pull requests, and repository details, giving a holistic view of tool interactions.

Timely Change Detection

SaaS monitoring isn't just about seeing current problems; it's about seeing the whole history. Resmo offers detailed tracking of past activities, from logins to data from its built-in tools. This means companies get a full view of what's happened, not just what's happening now. History logs make Resmo different from competitors like Wing Security.

Contextual Incident Investigation

For businesses diving deep into incident analysis, Resmo stands out as a top pick. Unlike competitors like Wing Security, Resmo offers both free-text and SQL search features, allowing companies to fully tailor their security searches. This makes Resmo the preferred choice for thorough IT investigations.

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“If you are running a modern business on SaaS you need to check out Resmo for asset management. It's life changing. You can query users and assets over all major SaaS providers."

Daniel Grzelak, CISO at Linktree

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