Atlassian Security

Protect the way your employees use Atlassian stack from Confluence, Jira, and Opsgenie to Trello with automated misconfiguration detection and alerting.
Audit and manage access controls

Audit and manage access controls

Conduct audits of user activities across your Atlassian stack. Overview access controls, trace user activities, and ensure optimal utilization of resources. Accelerate incident response and recovery by detecting:

✔︎ Unsuccessful login attempts

✔︎ Unauthorized role grants

Get proactive misconfiguration alerts

Resmo allows IT and security teams to set up automated alerts for any changes in the Atlassian stack, including Jira, Confluence, Trello, and more. Get alerted about changes in user permissions, project settings, or board modifications and let your employees fix them through ChatOps.

Get proactive misconfiguration alerts
Detect app to app connections with Atlassian tools

Detect app to app connections with Atlassian tools

Discover and secure the integrations linking Atlassian tools with platforms such as Slack, Figma, Vanta, and Microsoft Teams. Enhancing supply chain security, Resmo ensures you're not only aware of these connections but also equipped to safeguard them across the Atlassian suite.

Remediate IT security issues with workflow automation

When a problem pops up in any SaaS app, Resmo can instantly set up a task in Jira for the responsible team, in their own project space, with the defined issue type for the vulnerability. This quick action means you fix issues faster, keeping your digital space safer and running smoothly.

Remediate IT security issues with workflow automation

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Resmo enhance security for Atlassian applications?

Resmo connects to your Atlassian environment via native integrations and collects crucial event data across Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket, and more. Using advanced analysis, Resmo identifies suspicious activities, security loopholes, or abnormal user behaviors, providing your security team with actionable insights.

✔︎ Centralized visibility, inventory, security, and alerting for your Atlassian, Jira, Confluence, Atlassian Access, Trello, Opsgenie, and Bitbucket

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What measures can I take with Resmo to ensure my Atlassian data stays secure?

With Resmo, you can take several measures to ensure your Atlassian data stays secure. You can set up real-time alerts to promptly respond to suspicious activities or unexpected changes in your Atlassian applications. Resmo also provides a comprehensive audit trail that records all user activities, allowing you to track who did what, when, and from where.

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If there's a security breach in Atlassian, how does Resmo assist?

Upon detecting a security breach or misconfiguration within Atlassian tools, Resmo instantly communicates with the relevant team member through ChatOps, offering actionable solutions for swift resolution.

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