Document Protection

Protect your critical documents in the cloud from unauthorized access and data breaches with real-time monitoring and access revocation.

Reduce Data Breach Risk

Reduce Data Breach Risk

Effectively manage access to shared drives and files to significantly lower the risk of sensitive data breaches. Track who is accessing your business files and revoke the permissions of any unauthorized party. Reduce data leak risks up to 60%.

✔︎ Identify company documents shared with personal email accounts.

✔︎ Revoke accesses that are no longer needed.

Accelerate Secure Offboarding

Protect sensitive information efficiently during workforce changes, and significantly reducing the time and effort involved in offboarding.

✔︎ Discover if any former employee still has access to company documents or shared them with external parties.

✔︎ Perform thorough investigations on your drive activities in a matter of minutes.

Accelerate Secure Offboarding
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Control and Secure Data Sharing

Control and Secure Data Sharing

Enforce domain restrictions to prevent unauthorized data sharing. By revoking access from insecure domains, you can preventing leaks to potentially hazardous external parties.

✔︎ Discover unintentional public documents including confidential information.

✔︎ Spot files that are shared with the wrong external party in time and remediate the issue.

Enable Employee-Driven Security

Equip employees to proactively manage their document security, reducing dependency on IT teams. Send automated security alerts on channels like Slack or Microsoft Teams, enabling employees to quickly identify and resolve their own security issues.

Enable Employee-Driven Security
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