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Ingest resource configurations into Resmo from all your critical tools
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Over 200+ resources collected from 10 integrations. The number is increasing every day!
Native, secure and seamless integrations with your most popular tools.
Flexible resource collection for all your accounts and environments.

GitHub empowers enterprises of all sizes. Resmo keeps them safe. After the initial polling, our GitHub integration starts receiving updates through webhook. Every update is made almost in near real-time, making our alerts timely.

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When Clouds are rainy, we are here to help you clear the way. Our AWS Integration can be installed per account or for all your account at once using AWS Organizations. Use Policy Packs for Well-Architected framework or our CSI checks to stay compliant.

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Amazon Web Services integration monitors more than 50 resources from 12 services such as IAM, EC2, S3, VPC, DynamoDB and more.

GitHub integration collects all your critical resources like repositories, issues and users. Install our native GitHub App with one click.

Kubernetes integration collects deployment, service, ingress, statefulset and more. Gain complete visibility on your workloads.

Jira is a great start for our Atlassian integrations. Secure the way you work with your teams and get visibility into your users, projects, apps and more.

GitLab integration ensures your compliance and security efforts matches with your DevOps speed. Get visibility into pipelines, issues, repositories, users and all.

CircleCI integration collects workflow, project, user and pipeline configurations so you can safely focus on your deployments.