Find and secure unauthorized SaaS

Detect SaaS tools employees are signing into, even the ones in Shadow IT. Identify unauthorized use and SaaS security issues, such as weak passwords and overly permissive access rights.

Requires read-only admin privileges for Google Workspace.
SaaS Discovery

Self-onboard and start identifying SaaS app usage

✔︎ 100+ native integrations

✔︎ MFA and SSO enforcement

✔︎ Unlimited admin users

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shadow it discovery

Get full coverage of your SaaS stack, even the ones in Shadow IT

Resmo uses native integrations with 100+ SaaS apps, Google Workspace, Azure Active Directory, and a browser extension to detect every SaaS login in your workspace, including Shadow IT.

Detect security risks right from the start

Conduct regular vendor security assessments. Quickly overview each employee's security risk level, number of used apps, last usage, and more.

Modern workspaces evolve and expand. That's why Resmo covers everything, from your corporate social media accounts to those elusive Shadow apps, so you can work worry-free.

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Integrated with your SaaS ecosystem

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saas risk remediation with chatops

Guide employees for secure SaaS usage

Resmo takes off the burden off your shoulders by notifying users of their own SaaS security issues and helps remediate those without needing the IT.

â–¸ Send automated alerts via Slack or Microsoft Teams and use the power of ChatOps to pioneer self-serve solution to SaaS vulnerabilities.

â–¸ Track employee improvements over time using customized dashboards.

Say goodbye to unexpected costs with license forecasting

Track the renewal dates of your SaaS applications to optimize your SaaS spending. Receive a heads-up before your apps automatically renew.

Identify duplicate apps or apps of the same category to rationalize your SaaS stack.

saas license management
SaaS identity security

Secure your team's identities from day one

Stolen credentials were used in nearly half (49%) of the breaches as reported in the 2023 Verizon DBIR. Resmo helps detect and strengthen weak cloud identities before they are breached by attackers.

â–¸ Identify accounts with passwords that are shared or weak, as well as those lacking MFA.

â–¸ Monitor OAuth permissions to control access and reduce the risk of dta breaches.

â–¸ Configure Resmo to send ChatOps messages to employees so that they can remediate those issues.

SaaS Discovery

Try it free for 14 days, no strings attached
Discover SaaS used in your company
Identify user permissions
Detect security weaknesses like weak passwords
Empower users to solve security issues
Get deeper insights with 100+ native integrations
Discover in less than 5 minutes!

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