Continuous visibility and security for your cloud stack

Discover unmatched insights for Cloud and SaaS assets. Use SQL to ask questions and get real-time notifications for security and compliance violations.
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Continuous Asset Management
Resource and Config Discovery
Security Analysis and Alerts

Get real insights.
Dig deeper using SQL.

Collect all your resources like users, buckets, repositories in one place. Query resources and changes for security analysis, operational troubleshooting and compliance reviews.
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All resources and counting
Ready to use questions and rule checks

Ask questions and get answers.
Fast and secure.

Insight dashboards, ready to use queries, rules and a powerful resources view. Everything you need to get started and secure your environment is offered out of the box.
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Powerful integrations

Seamless integrations with 100+ Cloud, Security, Access, DevOps and SaaS tools.
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Visible infrastructure from Cloud to SaaS

Rule Checks
Compliance Checks
Real Time Notifications

Frequently asked questions.

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How do I try Resmo?

We are currently in private beta and working closely with our customers. If you are interested in becoming an early user, please fill out the form above or send us an email at

Can you share details about pricing?

Pricing details are available for our private beta users. Please contact us to learn more and join our private beta!

How do I suggest an integration?

Our active private beta users can suggest integrations. Please join our private beta by filling out the form above!