60+ Integrations

Complete visibility for all Cloud and SaaS assets

One-click, secure and agentless integrations with Cloud providers like AWS, Microsoft Azure, GCP and SaaS tools like Okta, PagerDuty, Google Workspace, DataDog and GitHub. 700+ resources and 2000+ ready to use queries and rules offered by Resmo, powered by SQL.
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Use cases

Resmo helps customers get visibility and secure their entire cloud-native stack, including SaaS, within minutes.

Discover known & unknown assets for Cloud and SaaS

Collect all assets from your Cloud, SaaS and custom sources in minutes. Classify them as entities like users or devices.
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Enforce security policies for all cyber assets

Automate security checks for every tool in your stack with Resmo managed and custom rule sets. Get alerts in near-realtime.
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Accelerate incident response with better context

Filter resources and their changes visually or query them using SQL. See relations on graph to better triage your environment.
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Detect risky assets and changes in near real-time

Ensure asset security with automated risk scores and associated rule violations. Get notified for high risk changes at the right time.
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Secure your SaaS user access and offboard the right way

See which users have access to which tools. Ensure they have the right permissions and follow best practices like 2FA.
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Automate compliance with extensive reporting

Streamline compliance frameworks like CIS or SOC2. Get reports and track progress for managed and custom compliance packs.
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Andy Bob from Lovecrafts

“If you are running a modern business on SaaS you need to check out Resmo for asset management. It's life changing. You can query users and assets over all major SaaS providers."

Daniel Grzelak, CISO at Linktree
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Build on top of a world-class security engineering product that helps you realize your team's full potential.

Complete asset inventory with change history

Get the bird eye view of your cloud and SaaS resources with every change detail. Centralize your security operations.
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Insight dashboards

See which users have access to which tools. Ensure they have the right permissions and follow best practices like 2FA.
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Deep dive with SQL, graph views and relations

Query your data using SQL and use graph views to get invaluable insights. Choose from thousands of ready-to-use queries or write your own.
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Security and compliance checks

Get notified of security, compliance and best practices violations with managed and custom rules in seconds.
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Try Resmo for free

Create your free modern asset inventory in less than 5 minutes. Ensure complete visibility and security for Cloud and SaaS for your team of all sizes.
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“Resmo allows us to quickly scan all our connected accounts to find assets that don't match our compliance requirements.”

Andy "Bob" Brockhurst
Head of Infrastructure and Security

“The depth is the main difference. Resmo is a focused operational tool where I can actually get real insights from.”

Edward Gardner,
Principle Consultant and CEO

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