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Close the gap between DevOps and SecOps teams with complete visibility for Cloud infrastructure and SaaS assets. Use SQL to ask questions, get real-time alerts for security and compliance policy violations.
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Continuous Audit and Compliance
Resource and Config Discovery
Security Analysis and Alerts

Audit and evaluate resources using SQL

Collect all IT, Cloud and SaaS assets in one place. IAM Roles, S3 Buckets, GitHub Repositories and hundreds of others with secure integrations.

Query resources and changes for security analysis, operational troubleshooting, compliance reviews and cost debugging.
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All resources and counting
Ready to use questions

Amazon Web Services

EC2 instances, IAM roles, S3 Buckets, VPC endpoints and 20+ services collected.


Users, issues, repositories, commits, pull requests and more.


Deployment, pod, services collected.
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Ask questions and get answers. Fast and secure.

Insight dashboards, ready to use queries, policy packs and a powerful explore view. Everything you need to get started and secure your environment is offered out of the box.
  • List GitHub repositories with visibility change to public from private
  • Get number of GitHub issues created by users
  • Find recently deleted SQS queues
  • Get number of Kubernetes services per namespace
  • Check if IAM User Password Policy Prevents Password Reuse
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Modern DevSecOps

Visible Infrastructure from Cloud to SaaS

Insight Dashboards
Policy Checks
Real Time Alerts

Frequently asked questions.

If you have any further questions, Get in touch with our friendly team.
How do I try Resmo?

We are currently in private beta and working closely with our customers. If you are interested in becoming an early user, please fill out the form above or send us an email at hello@resmo.com.

Can you share details about pricing?

Pricing details are still in progress. We aim to make Resmo accessible for all teams regardless of their size.

How do I suggest an integration?

We are currently working on integrating most popular platforms and tools including AWS, GitHub, CircleCI, Jira, GitLab, Atlassian Cloud and Slack. Our active private beta users can suggest integrations. Please join by filling out the form above!