SaaS security for modern IT.

All in one platform for SaaS app and access management for modern IT teams. Streamline app discovery, identity security, user offboarding, access reviews, and cost tracking.

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SaaS sprawl

Detect SaaS apps used in your company in under 5 minutes

No more shadow IT. 2000+ apps automatically detected in near real time using agentless methods - Google Workspace, Azure AD, plus browser extension.

✔︎ Know when employees adopt new SaaS apps, review their risk profiles

✔︎ Maintain an up-to-date SaaS inventory

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Secure your attack surface

Actively scan and notify for vulnerabilities with 100+ native integrations with your favorite tools.

✔︎ Review identity access permissions, OAuth risks, SSO logins

✔︎ Uncover shared accounts, weak passwords, excessive permissions, externally shared files, and more

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IT security for SaaS

Enable secure and compliant SaaS adoption that cuts down risks and saves time

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No more shadow IT. 2000+ apps automatically detected in near real time using agentless methods - never rely on a single flaky method.
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Actively scan and notify for unwanted apps and risky configurations with 100+ native integrations with your favorite tools.
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Scale your security and IT teams by empowering employees with the right information to own their issues.
SaaS security alerts

Empower employees to own their security

Let them use the SaaS they need to get their job done quickly. Lift the burden of security checks off your IT and security teams with automation.

✔︎ Ensure self-service remediation via ChatOps to fix issues on their own

✔︎ Offboard employees securely with no dormant account left behind

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Empower Employees to Own Their Security

  • Rapid identification and fortification of employee accounts vulnerable to credential stuffing, brute force, or phishing.
  • Real-time alerts for irregular account activities or SaaS signups.
  • Know when employees adopt new SaaS apps and review their risk profiles. Less work for the IT and security teams.
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Empower Employees to Own Their Security

  • Uncover shared accounts, weak passwords, excessive permissions, externally shared files.
  • Apply security policies and inform your team automatically about SaaS security risks as they occur.
  • Provide them with accessible, effective solutions instead of outdated security educations with hope & pray method.
SaaS security alerts

Reduce your supply chain risk

  • Review employee risk profiles as they adopt new SaaS apps.
  • Map blast radius if a vendor reports a breach; identify potentially impacted data.
  • Detect dormant apps that users haven't logged in for a while; remove unnecessary supply chain risks.
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Use Cases

Built for modern IT & Security teams

We empower your team to take ownership of security without any roadblocks, ensuring a seamless and secure workflow.
Discover shadow IT & SaaS apps

Get accurate visibility over the apps your employees login with their business accounts. Empower your workforce with SaaS adoption while maintaining control over your SaaS security posture.

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Conduct identity & access reviews

Reveal all applications used by your employees, their access methods, and any unresolved security issues, such as overly permissive access rights. Detect identity policy violations and unauthorized admin accounts.

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Simplify employee offboarding without blind spots

Guarantee the continued security of your SaaS systems and data even when employees transition roles or depart from the company.

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Inventory and monitor SaaS assets

Monitor a real-time asset inventory covering and cataloging all your SaaS resources from users and devices to projects and tokens. Receive alerts when employees register to new apps, allowing you to initiate your evaluation process before the app gains traction.

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Monitor and assess the security risks of your SaaS apps

Perform a continuous risk assessment of all SaaS applications in use by your employees. This includes auditing user activity, analyzing application usage, data access, and reviewing permissions in real-time. Get near real-time alerts for vulnerabilities.

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Automate security fixes with the help of your employees

Identify security vulnerabilities across all your applications and the impacted user accounts. Resmo delivers automated solutions for detected security problems, empowering employees to use their preferred SaaS applications, but with optimized security.

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Integrated with your SaaS ecosystem. 100+ agentless integrations.

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Andy Bob from Lovecrafts

“If you are running a modern business on SaaS you need to check out Resmo for asset management. It's life changing. You can query users and assets over all major SaaS providers."

Daniel Grzelak, CISO at Linktree
Andy Bob from Lovecrafts

“Resmo gives us a centralized platform to view, query, and secure every asset on SaaS and IaaS providers that power our business. Having all this information in one place feels like magic."

Austin Rotondo, Director of DevOps & InfoSec at Forward Financing
Andy Bob from Lovecrafts

“The depth is the main difference. Resmo is a focused operational tool where I can actually get real insights from."

Edward Gardner, Consulting CISO at New England Safety Partners
Sena from Lyrebird

“Resmo brought a new level of visibility that we didn't know we needed. The speed and accuracy of real-time monitoring surprised us; we can now see fixes and changes in as little as five minutes."

Sena Yakut, Cloud Security Engineer at Lyrebird Studio
Business applications tracked per company
Reduction in third-party SaaS misconfigurations
Reduction in SaaS application cost on average

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