Maximize Team Efficiency and License Management in JetBrains

Resmo's integration with JetBrains centralizes your development tools' oversight, providing critical insights into team dynamics and license usage to drive improved efficiency and compliance across your software development processes.
Continuous Audit History
Resource and Config Discovery
Security Analysis and Alerts

Track Resource Utilization and Assets in One Place

Track how teams and licenses are used, enabling efficient resource allocation and optimized license management. Quick identification of underutilized assets or overextended licenses becomes effortless, ensuring that your development resources are used to their maximum potential, enhancing overall productivity and cost-efficiency.

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Automate Vulnerability Detection with Custom Security Policies

Utilize Resmo's custom security policies to automatically scan for vulnerabilities and anomalies in your JetBrains environment. These policies, tailored to your specific needs, run continuously, ensuring that any potential security issues are promptly identified and addressed.

Enable Swift Issue Resolution with ChatOps Alerts

Get real-time alerts via ChatOps on Resmo, enabling quick response to security risks or anomalies in JetBrains. This integration with platforms like Slack and Microsoft Teams allows for faster issue remediation, ensuring that your team can immediately address any detected vulnerabilities, enhancing both response efficiency and overall security management.

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Optimize Security and Performance with Audit Logs

Get a clear picture of what's happening in your JetBrains setup through detailed audit logs. These logs help you see exactly how users interact with your systems, making it easier to spot any security issues and improve how things work.

Explore all resources from a unified view.

Managing SaaS security can easily become a challenge. Skip the challenges with Resmo by bringing all resources together on a single page. Discover users, groups, teams, escalations, and many other resources with their change histories.
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All key resources. Collected in near real time.

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Streamline Your Development Workflow and Security for JetBrains

JetBrains, acclaimed for its suite of development tools, elevates its potential when linked with Resmo. This integration enables organizations to effectively manage and scrutinize user, team, and license data, providing insights into your development environment. Resmo's advanced data collection from JetBrains API enhances resource management and team collaboration, ensuring optimal license utilization.

Key Features

  • User Management Insights: Gather detailed information on users within the JetBrains environment, crucial for refining user account management and monitoring activities.
  • Team Coordination Analysis: Access key data about teams, aiding in effective team management.
  • License Utilization Tracking: Obtain critical license information, from types to usage patterns, essential for managing license compliance and planning.

With Resmo's Integration, Organizations Can:

  • Efficiently manage user accounts and permissions in JetBrains.
  • Perform audits and maintain security by tracking user activities and access patterns.
  • Optimize team and license allocations through comprehensive data analysis.
  • Enhance team collaboration and project management by understanding team dynamics.
  • Ensure compliance with licensing agreements and prepare for future procurement strategies.

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“If you are running a modern business on SaaS you need to check out Resmo for asset management. It's life changing. You can query users and assets over all major SaaS providers."

Daniel Grzelak, CISO at Linktree

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