Continuous and automated security for your assets

Resmo offers complete visibility over DocuSign resources like workspaces, users, and identity providers to ensure that you know what you own. Automatically evaluate your assets' security and compliance and get timely alerts on critical changes.
Continuous Audit History
Resource and Config Discovery
Security Analysis and Alerts

Monitor Critical Resource Configurations

Keep a close watch on user roles, permissions, and activities within your DocuSign account. This information is essential for managing your electronic signature process efficiently, ensuring users have the right access for their roles.

saas inventory
saas security policies

Reduce Risk Assessment Time into 5 Minutes

Implement custom policies to audit your DocuSign environment regularly. These policies help in maintaining compliance with legal standards and in safeguarding sensitive documents, ensuring that your electronic signature processes are both secure and efficient.

Get Notified of Key Changes

Set up alerts to stay informed about significant updates in your DocuSign setup. Notifications about new users, changes in group permissions, or updates in workspace status enable quick responses to maintain the integrity of your document management system.

saas security alerts
cloud security audit logs

Monitor User and Workspace Activities

Keep detailed records of all activities in DocuSign, including changes in user status, group permissions, and workspace configurations. Regular review of these logs is crucial for tracking how your document management system is used and ensuring compliance with your operational and security policies.

Explore all resources from a unified view.

Managing SaaS security can easily become a challenge. Skip the challenges with Resmo by bringing all resources together on a single page. Discover users, groups, teams, escalations, and many other resources with their change histories.
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All key resources. Collected in near real time.

  • Identity Provider
  • Group
  • Organization
  • User
  • Workspace
  • Reserved Domain
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Ensure DocuSign Security with Resmo

DocuSign is a cloud-based software platform that allows individuals and businesses to electronically sign, prepare, act on, and manage agreements. It provides a fast, easy, and secure way to send, sign, track, and manage agreements to enhance efficiency and improve customer experiences.

Resmo's integration with DocuSign offers valuable insights into your document management operations. It enhances efficiency by providing detailed information about users, groups, identity providers, reserved domains, and workspaces.

Key features:

  • Provide detailed information about each user, including their role, permissions, and activity status
  • Enumerate the number of groups in the organization and details their permission profiles
  • Report on the configured identity providers and their associated settings
  • Count the number of reserved domains in use and details their associated organizations and identity providers
  • Provide details of each workspace, including its creation date, status, and associated account

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Daniel Grzelak, CISO at Linktree

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