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Resmo Newsletter: February Edition

Hello, Resmo community! Spring is just around the corner, and with the longer days, we're all feeling a bit more energized and optimistic. It seems like the perfect time to share what we've been up to at Resmo.

Quick teaser: We have something big coming your way. đŸ€« Read on to learn more.

Let's walk you through the highlights of February.

Product Updates

block unauthorized websites

Block Specific Unauthorized Domains with Resmo Browser Extension

Our latest update to the Resmo Browser Extension now allows you to block access to certain websites! Prevent visits to unauthorized sites directly from work browsers, reducing the risk of encountering security threats like malware or phishing. Learn more.

Sync Your Teams Using Google Workspace and Azure Integrations

sync teams on Resmo

This new feature simplifies team management for Google Workspace and Azure AD users. Easily convert your existing groups into Resmo teams with just a few clicks and enjoy automatic sync to keep team lists up-to-date. Team setup has never been easier or more flexible! Learn more.

Introducing Resmo Agent (Beta) 🔎 đŸ’»

Resmo Agent beta

We're super excited to introduce the Resmo Agent, now in beta, currently available for MacOS only. This innovative on-host tool is designed to capture employee SaaS logins directly from their devices. Visit documentation for details.

New Integrations

new integrations on Resmo


Boost your email security and streamline user management with Resmo's new SendGrid integration. Create custom security policies, track activities, set up alerts, and offboard your users. See details.


Simplify your website management with our new WordPress integration. Learn more.

  • See your site's details, from user activities to settings.
  • Set up security policies and get alerts on important changes.


Resmo's integration with Hexnode brings direct monitoring over user, device, and app data, plus:

  • Activity tracking for users, devices, and groups.
  • Alerts on any changes or updates.

See details.

Upcoming Feature: Customizable Workflows đŸ€©â€‹

workflow sample

Workflows are on the horizon! Soon, you'll be able to automate your IT management like never before. This feature isn't just about notifications; it's about action. From changes in data to updates in policy results, Workflows will allow you to trigger tailored responses across channels like Opsgenie, Jira, and more.

i.e. If a user is recently added to Google Workspace, send a welcome message on Slack, add him to groups in Atlassian or if MFA is not enabled for any user in GitHub, remove that user from the GitHub group and create a Jira issue.

Got some big idea to suggest or comment? Send us your feedback.

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That's a wrap for February. Till next time! 👋

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