Find and secure unauthorized SaaS

Detect SaaS tools employees are signing into, even the ones in Shadow IT. Identify unauthorized use and SaaS security issues, such as weak passwords and overly permissive access rights.

Requires read-only admin privileges for Google Workspace.
SaaS Discovery

Self-onboard and start identifying SaaS app usage

✔︎ 100+ native integrations

✔︎ No credit card required

✔︎ Free for unlimited number of employees

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free SaaS discovery using browser extension

Get full coverage of your SaaS stack, even the ones in Shadow IT

Resmo uses native integrations with 80+ tools and a browser extension for Safari, Chrome, and Firefox to detect SaaS usage and logins, including Shadow IT.

▸ Find out which SaaS tools employees are using and how securely they are using them.

▸ Gain continuous visibility with automated detection technology.

Detect unintended usage and SaaS security issues

Find how employees are accessing SaaS tools, identify SaaS security issues, and help them use apps securely within the knowledge of your IT and security teams.

▸ Set up automated security rules to continuously evaluate vulnerabilities like overly permissive access rights.

▸ Quickly overview each employee's security risk level, number of used apps, last usage, and more.

▸ Detect whether they are using multi-factor authentication or SSO.

SaaS Discovery visual

Integrated with your SaaS ecosystem

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discover employee saas use

Guide employees for secure SaaS usage

Send direct notifications to employees with security issues to guide them through secure SaaS usage.

▸ See if employees are using strong and unique passwords or if they have proper permissions set.

▸ Send out automated security alerts via notification channels like email, Slack, webhook, and more.

▸ Track improvements over time using customized dashboards.

Untangle SaaS sprawl with enhanced data

Get a comprehensive overview of every app used in your organization, including last logins, MFA, risk levels, activity status, applied rules, user info, and more, with complete transparency.

▸ Detect login methods like SSO or password login as well as browser information.

▸ Map employees with apps they use, related security issues, and assets.

▸ Monitor your environment at a glance with insightful dashboards and track progress.

Resmo SaaS app security

Free SaaS Discovery

Free for unlimited number of employees!
Discover SaaS used in your company
Identify user permissions
Detect security weaknesses like weak passwords
Empower users to solve security issues
Get deeper insights with 70+ native integrations
Discover in less than 5 minutes!

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