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Single Security Personnel Triumphs: How Lyrebird Increased Threat Response by 80% with Resmo

Single Security Personnel Triumphs: How Lyrebird Increased Threat Response by 80% with Resmo

Lyrebird Studio, a mobile app development company, reduced their cloud security monitoring from hours to just 5 minutes with Resmo.

By seamlessly incorporating Resmo into their daily operations, Lyrebird Studio not only achieved an 80% faster threat response but also experienced a 70% increase in efficiency and substantial time savings on daily monitoring tasks, all while reducing operational costs.


Multiple Security Tools

Prior to Resmo, Lyrebird Studio had to manage 6 different security tools separately, each for different security aspects. Sena Yakut (Cloud Security Engineer), the one-person security team at Lyrebird, had to navigate through different platforms to assess their security posture.

For instance, to check for vulnerabilities, Sena had to log into one tool, then log into another to check configurations, and yet another to monitor changes. This fragmented approach made it challenging to get a holistic view of their security standing.

The disintegrated tools not only consumed valuable time but also caused the following issues that made Sena’s job more difficult:

  • Their existing security toolset had challenging integration processes.
  • Some tools stopped pulling data at some point and couldn’t show it in real time.
  • Some required maintenance time to gather data and took too long to process it.

Dispersed Resources

Sena had to individually check many of Lyrebird Studio's cloud services and platforms. This took a lot of time, especially because each tool required a different set of skills. Sena was the only security expert on the team, and she had to spend the first few hours of her workday going through alerts and logs from various tools to make sure there were no unresolved issues from the previous day.

This routine task ate up a big part of Sena's day, leaving her with less time to work on important security improvements and other strategic projects that could benefit Lyrebird Studio.

Lack of Real-Time

Lyrebird Studio's security toolset didn't show configuration changes made in their cloud or data in real-time. The absence of real-time alerting and monitoring mechanisms meant that potential threats could remain undetected.


The decision to implement Resmo was driven by the pressing challenges that Lyrebird Studio faced in their security operations. The impact of these challenges was significant and posed clear risks to their bottom line and overall business health.

Operational Inefficiency

The scattered security tools caused operational inefficiencies, increasing time and financial expenses while lacking complete visibility and real-time monitoring. Without Resmo, this elevated operational inefficiency would have persisted, making it harder Lyrebird Studio to focus on strategic security initiatives and overall productivity.

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Resource-Intensive Monitoring

  • Resource Allocation
  • Increased Risk Exposure

The manual monitoring of multiple security tools and platforms each day consumed a significant portion of Lyrebird Studio's resources. This time-consuming process left limited resources available for strategic security endeavors. Without Resmo, they would have continued to allocate substantial resources to daily monitoring, limiting their capacity for growth and innovation.

The resource-intensive monitoring process made it challenging to identify and address security issues promptly. This increased the risk exposure for Lyrebird Studio, as potential security threats could go unnoticed. Opting not to adopt Resmo would have meant persisting with an inefficient monitoring approach, leaving them susceptible to avoidable security incidents and their associated costs.

Slow Threat Response

  • Delayed Threat Response
  • Extended Vulnerability Windows

The absence of real-time alerts meant that potential security threats could linger undetected until the next manual review, usually conducted each morning. This delay in threat detection and response exposed Lyrebird Studio to increased security risks. Without Resmo, they would have continued to face heightened risks of security breaches and the associated financial and reputational costs.

Slower threat response times left windows of vulnerability open for potential attackers. The longer these windows remained open, the greater the likelihood of successful breaches. Opting not to implement Resmo would have resulted in ongoing extended vulnerability windows and the increased risk of security incidents.


Lyrebird Studio, dealing with numerous cloud tools, needed a centralized security solution to alleviate the enormous manual workload on their single security personnel, Sena. The goal was to pivot from a time-consuming reactive approach to a more efficient and proactive one.

They chose Resmo due to its simplicity, automation capabilities, and real-time alerting system, distinguishing it from other solutions.

Streamlined Security Management: With Resmo's seamless integration and consolidated platform, Lyrebird Studio streamlined their security management. They reduced security management tasks by 70%, ensuring a more efficient and cohesive approach to safeguarding their digital assets.

Real-Time Threat Response: Resmo's real-time alerting system provided Lyrebird Studio with instant notifications of potential threats. This resulted in an 80% faster threat response time, significantly reducing the window of vulnerability and enhancing their security posture.

Efficient Resource Utilization: Resmo's automated and time-efficient monitoring freed up valuable time and resources. Lyrebird Studio reduced daily monitoring time from hours to just 5 minutes, allowing them to allocate their resources more strategically and invest in other business-critical operations.

The transition led to: 

  • 80% faster threat response
  • 70% increase in efficiency
  • Time savings on daily monitoring tasks
  • Reduced operational costs

This transition showcases a stark contrast from the 'old way' of individually managing each cloud tool which was costly, laborious, and slow. Resmo not only automated daily tasks but transformed Lyrebird’s security management approach enabling Sena to focus on strategic security advancements rather than being stuck in daily monitoring.

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Customer Profile

Lyrebird Studio specializes in mobile app development, with a focus on photography applications that include photo design and filters.

Team size: 60+

🕘 Founded in 2011


"Resmo has truly transformed the way we monitor our systems. It's amazing how quickly and accurately it picks up on changes; we can now spot fixes and updates within just five minutes."

Sena Yakut
Sena Yakut
Senior Cloud Security Engineer at Lyrebird
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