Evam Cuts SaaS Management Time in Half and Streamlines Monitoring with Resmo

Evam Cuts SaaS Management Time in Half and Streamlines Monitoring with Resmo

Discover how Resmo streamlined Evam's monitoring and management, elevating their Cloud and SaaS security while reducing operational inefficiencies.

With Resmo, Evam transitioned from a manual and time-consuming process to a more automated and efficient approach in managing the security of their cloud platforms and SaaS tools, significantly reducing the monitoring efforts required.


Before Resmo, Evam faced a challenge with unmonitored SaaS signups done through business emails without the knowledge of their security personnel. The lack of centralized monitoring made it difficult to control access permissions and manage assets sprawled across various cloud services. Each SaaS application and cloud resource existed in its silo, and managing them individually was a time-consuming and inefficient process.


Manual oversight was not only a time sink but also a portal to potential security loopholes. The effort invested in manual checks was substantial, yet the coverage was not foolproof, leading to concerns over overlooked vulnerabilities for cloud and SaaS environments and unauthorized accesses.

Operational Inefficiency

The time and effort required for manual checks and managing accounts individually across various SaaS applications were substantial, consuming valuable resources that could have been deployed to more strategic tasks. This inefficiency was not only labor-intensive but also cost-ineffective, as it required a considerable amount of time. The lack of a centralized platform for managing SaaS tools and multiple cloud services also meant that there was a higher likelihood of overlooking critical security issues, further exacerbating the operational inefficiency.

Increased Security Risk

Without an automated system, there was a higher risk of undetected unauthorized accesses, weak password usage, and configuration change. The manual monitoring process was reactive rather than proactive, leading to delayed responses to potential security threats.

Poor Resource Allocation

A significant amount of time and resources were dedicated to manual monitoring and management of SaaS applications. On the cloud side, they had increasing number of unnecessary assets that they were unable to track manually, causing a cloud waste and overspending. This was a resource-intensive approach that hindered the Evam team's ability to focus on more strategic initiatives.

The need for a more efficient and centralized way to manage their cloud and SaaS environments was clear.


The Resmo integration was a game-changer for Evam. It was no longer about finding a needle in a haystack; it was about having a magnet to attract all needles effortlessly. The centralized dashboard brought every SaaS application they used and cloud assets they had under one roof, with real-time alerts acting as a vigilant watchdog for any configuration changes.

The transition led to:

Centralized Cloud and SaaS Visibility

Resmo provided a centralized dashboard where all SaaS applications and their usage, as well as the assets from multiple cloud services were visible in one place. This made it easy to monitor and control SaaS application usage (especially unauthorized signups), cloud waste, and configuration changes.

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Streamlined Account Management

Resmo provided tools that made managing user accounts and access permissions straightforward. Evam could now manage accounts and permissions from one place instead of going through each SaaS application individually. This streamlined the process, making it faster and more efficient.

Improved Security Posture for Cloud and SaaS Environments

Specifically, Resmo’s real-time alerting feature was crucial for the Evam team to improve their security posture. Whenever there were changes in configurations or other security-related issues in any of the SaaS applications, Resmo sent alerts immediately. This allowed Evam to react quickly to potential security threats.

Substantial Time and Cost Savings

The automation and centralization provided by Resmo minimized the time spent on manual checks and account management across multiple SaaS applications and cloud services, which in turn reduced the operational costs associated with these manual processes. The time and budget saved could be redirected towards more strategic tasks, enhancing overall productivity.

With Resmo, Evam transitioned from a manual and time-consuming process to a more automated and efficient approach in managing the security of their cloud platforms and SaaS tools.

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This transformation delineates a significant departure from Evam's previous method of manually checking each SaaS application and cloud service for vulnerabilities, access permissions, and configuration changes, which was time-consuming, cumbersome, error-prone, and costly. Resmo not only automated the daily monitoring tasks but also redefined Evam's approach to security management, allowing the team to prioritize strategic initiatives over routine monitoring.

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