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Elevating DevOps Confidence – How Resmo Secures Armut's Agile Engineering

Elevating DevOps Confidence – How Resmo Secures Armut's Agile Engineering

Learn how Armut engineering team leverages Resmo for secure development.

Customer Profile

Armut, known as HomeRun in several countries, serves as a global marketplace for on-demand service providers. With millions of daily users relying on their platform to connect with quality service workers, Armut operates at a large scale that requires robust and secure technological solutions. The Engineering Team at Armut is comprised of over 50 developers who specialize in a range of technologies, including AWS for cloud services and various Serverless tooling such as AWS Lambda and Glue. The team also employs SaaS tools like Atlassian Cloud, Slack, and GSuite to enhance their operational effectiveness.


Armut's DevOps team supports an agile environment where engineers are encouraged to experiment and deploy autonomously. While advantageous, this approach led to challenges in:

  • Tracking the creation of various AWS resources
  • Alerting on potential security and cost violations
  • Managing a modern stack where visibility can quickly become opaque

Why They Chose Resmo

"Resmo is critical for our DevOps team to follow security best practices," says Deniz İrgin, Director of Engineering at Armut/HomeRun. The team chose Resmo for its ability to:

  • Generate real-time alerts on potential security and cost issues
  • Audit AWS resource changes and team performance through queries
  • Easily integrate with their existing tech stack

How Resmo Helps

With Resmo, the Armut engineering team has managed to:

  • Create custom alerts for potential security violations within their AWS accounts
  • Set up queries to measure team performance effectively
  • Receive real-time notifications for potential cost violations
  • Audit changes in AWS resources, bringing transparency and accountability

By using Resmo, Armut has bridged the gap between speed and security, enabling the DevOps team to operate with heightened confidence.

Use Cases:

  • AWS Infrastructure Visibility
  • Real-time Security Alerts
  • Cost Monitoring
  • Performance Tracking


  • Achieved real-time alerting for potential security and cost violations
  • Streamlined auditing process for AWS resources
  • Enabled performance tracking via custom queries

Favorite Resmo Features:

  • Custom Security Alerts
  • Query Features for Performance Tracking
  • Real-time Cost Violation Notifications

“Resmo is critical for our DevOps team to follow security best practices.”

Deniz İrgin
Deniz İrgin
Director of Engineering at Armut/HomeRun
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