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Resmo January Newsletter: Product Updates and Community Highlights

Greetings, Resmo community ūüĎč

We've been busy little bees in January, working on new features and improvements to make sure that you and your assets are protected from all the cyber nasties out there. Let's take a quick look at all the new stuff Resmo rolled out last month, along with some community updates you might like.

Key product updates

Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) Management

RBAC policies enable you to restrict access to specific resources based on a user's role within your organization. This feature is exclusive to Enterprise Plan users, but users with other subscription plans can request a free trial of the feature for a limited period. Learn more.

Chrome Browser resource is now available for the Google Workspace integration

The Chrome Browser resource has been added to the Google Workspace collection, allowing you to monitor the security of your workspace users' browsers. Common use cases include:

  • Monitor installed extensions and their quantity.
  • Identify Chrome Browser versions and check for updates.
  • Associate devices and users with their Chrome browsers.
  • View the last activity time on the browser.
  • Evaluate extensions for excessive permissions.
  • Learn more.

GitHub CIS Software Supply Chain Compliance

The CIS Supply Chain compliance pack for GitHub allows you to evaluate the security of your software supply chain on GitHub and gather compliance evidence with ease. Learn more.

  • Utilize the CIS Software Supply Chain Security Guide controls to automatically evaluate the security of your GitHub supply chain
  • Monitor your compliance level and progress.
  • Track all activities, including changes to rules, the cause, and the timestamp of the change.
  • Export your results in HTML or PDF to use as compliance evidence.

Track compliance pack activities on the new Activity tab

A new and more convenient method has been introduced to keep track of rule modifications that may influence your pack compliance score; the Activity tab on compliance pack detail pages. These modifications can happen in three different ways:

  • A change in a rule itself
  • Manual entries
  • Config changes
  • ‚ÄćLearn more.

New integrations

Trivy integration

This is the first of many open-source integrations we have planned for the future. You can now use Trivy to safeguard your dependencies for free and combine them with Resmo's robust visualization, querying, and alerting features. Learn more. Other new integrations include the following:

Bonus: We are excited to announce that our Linear integration has been officially added to the Linear integrations page.

Community front

Resmo is now an official AWS Partner

Announcing: Resmo is now an official AWS Partner!

We're excited to announce our official partnership with AWS! This partnership allows us to offer our customers even more powerful and secure solutions for their cloud infrastructure. Check out our latest blog post to find out more about what this partnership means for our customers and the benefits they can expect from it.

Complete and Automated Security Experience Using Resmo and Trivy

Learn how Resmo's Trivy integration helps scan dependencies in both repositories and containers through a real-life Kubernetes example. This will give you a clear understanding of how you can apply this integration to your own projects and improve the security of your software supply chain. Read more.

What is AWS Step Functions? How It Works & Use Cases

Get a clear overview of AWS Step Functions, a service that lets you coordinate the components of distributed applications and micro-services using visual workflows. Learn its use cases and basics, and simply get an answer to your "what's that." Read more.

CIS Software Supply Chain Security Guide: Beginner's Handbook

The Guide is intended to help organizations identify and mitigate risks associated with software supply chain attacks, which are a growing threat to organizations of all sizes and industries. Understand who it is for and why it is important for your company. Read more.

Overview: Getting Started with Your SOC2 as an Early Stage Startup

Get an in-depth look at the SOC2 audit process from an early-stage startup perspective. Learn about the key concepts and requirements of SOC2, a widely recognized standard for evaluating the security and control environment of a service organization. Read more.

Upcoming events

AWS Cloud Security Community Day 2023

AWS Cloud Security Community Day 2023

March 17, 2023 - Computer History Museum, Mountain View, CA

Join the AWS Cloud Security Community Day to learn from industry leaders, network with peers, and expand your skills. Serhat Can, Co-founder and CEO at Resmo, will be speaking at the event. Join us to learn, share your knowledge, make connections, collaborate, chat, and expand your skills! Save your spot.

AWS Community Day Turkey 2023

AWS Community Day Turkey 2023

6 May 2023 - 08:30 AM (GMT+03:00) - ńįstanbul Point Barbaros Hotel

Don't miss your chance to learn from the best at the AWS Community Day Turkey 2023! As a Gold sponsor, Resmo will be joining experts and industry leaders in sharing knowledge and experience on the latest trends and best practices in AWS. Save your spot.

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