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Announcing: Resmo Is Now An Official AWS Partner!

Continually moving forward, Resmo has now been formally recognized as an AWS partner! ūüöĬ†

Thus, we will ensure operational and security excellence on Amazon Web Services as well as improve our customers' experience with Resmo.

Impact of this collaboration on users' experiences

There are several benefits to this cooperation, some of which will directly impact Resmo's product itself and our customers' experience with it. Regarding the perks, Resmo users can expect more innovation, more knowledge, and fast-paced updates resulting from this collaboration.

In this regard, by being an official AWS partner, we will provide our users with the following:

  • More innovative offerings by building, delivering and experimenting as AWS continually expands its portfolio of technologies and services.
  • A deepened understanding of AWS technologies and services through the newest programs, incentives and resources.
  • Up-to-date alerts for the latest updates regarding AWS.

AWS and Resmo - how they work together

Using Resmo, users are able to securely aggregate their AWS resources to ensure the security and compliance of their cloud environment.

To this end, users can:

  • Collect all their AWS assets in one place and see them through one single dashboard.
  • Run both managed and custom queries through their AWS IAM roles, Lambda functions, and over 100 resources.
  • Keep track of changes across the entire AWS organization.
  • Configure rule notifications with custom and managed rules that alert them to real-time changes in AWS resource configurations.
  • Investigate their assets with AWS compliance packs and generate reports.

For more information about Resmo's AWS integration: AWS Asset Security Handbook

So what's next?

Through our dynamic approach, we will continue delivering more to strengthen our place in this expanding community. During this time, it's up to us to contribute to this valuable community, focus on specialized paths, acquire badges, and take our place on AWS Marketplace to perform better for our beloved users.

Final Words

This huge step will add more momentum to our expansion and bring Resmo to a new level. Now is the perfect time for you to join our community and learn how Resmo's key features can help you secure your assets on cloud and SaaS applications.

Sign up for free today to uncover Resmo’s essential features, and stay alert for the latest updates on the AWS community! 

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