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Top 20 Cybersecurity Events of 2024

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As new technologies emerge and digital landscapes evolve -even with the threat actors developing new ways to reach sensitive information and systems- it became crucial to keep up to date. In this blog post, we’ve gathered the cybersecurity events to preserve bridges between other professionals in the industry and stay in the know what’s hot.

We wanted this list to be the ultimate list for cybersecurity enthusiasts keen on engagement and more learning and sharing within events, so we didn’t want to exclude the past but the blast ones so if you’ve missed them, don’t feel blue, just keep following, and maybe you’ll all set for the next years!

Let’s jump into the most popular cybersecurity events: 

1. RSA Conference

Date: April 24-27 

Location: Moscone Center, San Francisco

As a leading provider of global events and year-round online cybersecurity content, RSA serves as a hub for the world to discuss security and for industry leaders to gather, progress, and emerge while sharing insights. With a primary goal of fostering discussions among cybersecurity professionals worldwide, RSA addresses current and future concerns, generating ideas and solutions that promote individual and organizational success and growth with utmost safety and confidence.

Initially conceived as a user conference for RSA's customers, RSA Conference, named after its co-founders Ron Rivest, Adi Shamir, and Leonard Adleman, commenced 31 years ago with a single panel discussion. Over the years, RSAC has expanded into a worldwide series of events, attracting around 50,000 attendees annually. These conferences draw approximately 45,000 participants annually and are held in various regions such as the United States, Europe, Asia, and the United Arab Emirates.

@RSAConference on Twitter

RSA Conference
Source: The Channel Co

2. Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit

Date: June 5-7

Location: National Harbor, Maryland

Gartner is the world's pioneering provider of IT research and advisory services. The company offers insights, advice, and tools to help organizations make the best decisions for mission-critical priorities and visions for the future through its resources, such as Gartner Research, Gartner Executive Programs, Gartner Consulting, and Gartner Events.

Gartner conferences offer a unique combination of practical and impartial knowledge, expert advice, and networking opportunities, all within the realm of cybersecurity. These events have a profound and long-lasting impact, creating transformative experiences that empower organizations to enhance their performance and address critical priorities.

The Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit specifically assists security and risk management leaders and practitioners in constantly improving the adaptability and responsiveness of security risk management techniques and technology, ultimately enabling them to achieve mission-critical objectives as one of the largest gatherings for security, risk management, and business continuity management leaders in the world. In a mix of keynotes, panels, roundtables, workshops, and one-on-one meetings, this event offers proven practices and strategies for reducing risks and compromises without compromising security.

Gartner Security and Risk Management Summit
Source: Gartner

Although the Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit has concluded, you can still explore the conference's content and delve into what was discussed by visiting this link.

3. Black Hat

Date: Multiple days

Location: Multiple locations

From 1997 until today, Black Hat has expanded from a single annual conference to become the most respected international series of events in the field. These events, spanning multiple days and locations, offer the security community access to the latest innovative research, advancements, and trends.

As one of the most popular cybersecurity events, Black Hat fosters professional development and encourages collaboration among academics, top-notch researchers, and leaders from the public and private sectors. Currently, Black Hat Briefings and Training are held annually in the United States, Europe, and Asia, serving as esteemed platforms for esteemed security researchers and trainers to connect with their audience, as they have continuously served as an essential learning hub for security professionals, providing them with the latest information on security risks, research, and trends.

Each year, distinguished security researchers from across the globe share their cutting-edge work and exploit on stage, creating a friendly and impartial environment free from vendor biases. Attendees are exposed to groundbreaking research covering various topics, from vulnerabilities in popular consumer devices to critical threats faced by international infrastructure and everything in between.

@BlackHatEvents on Twitter

Black Hat popular cybersecurity event
Source: Entrepreneur

4. Defcon

Date: August 10-13

Location: Caesars Forum + Flamingo, Harrah's, and Linq hotels in Las Vegas, NV

DefCon, held annually in Las Vegas, has become a global gathering for hackers, security professionals, researchers, and enthusiasts. Originally starting as an informal gathering in 1993, it has now grown into a massive event, drawing thousands of attendees.

DefCon is renowned for its unique combination of technical talks, hands-on workshops, hacking competitions, and social events. Attendees can explore a wide range of topics, such as vulnerability research, cryptography, and network security, through the diverse selection of technical presentations. They also have the opportunity to learn practical skills from experts in the field through interactive workshops. Capture the Flag competitions challenge participants to solve complex cybersecurity problems, while specialized "villages" and interest groups allow attendees to delve deeper into specific areas of cybersecurity. 

 Defcon this year will feature sessions on the following topics:

  • Hacking an Access Control System
  • Bypassing Android Permissions From All Protection
  • Black-Box Assessment of Smart Cards
  • No-Code Malware:  Windows 11
  • Computer Hacks in the Russia-Ukraine War

@defcon on Twitter

Defcon security event
Source: Medium

5. Cloud Expo Asia

Date: October 11-12

Location: Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Cloud Expo Asia is an annual B2B technology event held in Asia that focuses on cloud computing and related technologies. It is known as the region's largest and most highly-attended event of its kind. The conference provides a platform for in-depth discussions, showcasing current technologies, trends, and products in the cloud computing industry. One of the primary goals of Cloud Expo Asia is to help businesses stay ahead of the competition and maximize the potential of cloud computing. It offers technologists, business leaders, and industry experts a valuable opportunity to connect and exchange ideas. The event presents various solutions and services that can accelerate digital transformation plans for businesses.

The exhibition floor at Cloud Expo Asia features renowned exhibitors recognized for their innovative solutions, sustainability achievements, and impact on the data center industry. Visitors can explore the floor and engage with exhibitors to learn about the latest advancements and trends in cloud computing. With two days of unparalleled content curated by key opinion leaders, the conference features five different theaters, each featuring a specific topic, such as:

  • Hybrid Cloud
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Sustainability
  • Future workforces
  • DevOps

Ultimately, Cloud Expo Asia aims to provide businesses with a comprehensive platform for staying informed about the latest trends, networking with industry professionals, and discovering innovative solutions to drive digital transformation.

@CloudExpoAsia on Twitter

Cloud Expo Asia security event
Source: Cloud Expo Asia

6. The Official Cybersecurity Summit

Date: Multiple days

Location: Multiple locations

The Official Cyber Security Summit, organized by CyberRisk Alliance, is a conference series that brings together C-Level and Senior Executives responsible for safeguarding their company's critical infrastructures, along with cutting-edge technology providers and renowned information security experts. These invitation-only events occur in more than 25 major cities across the United States. Additionally, the summit includes Virtual Industry-Specific Summits focusing on healthcare, finance and banking, education, and critical infrastructure, providing in-depth discussions on the latest cyber threats in each sector.

At each summit, attendees can participate in interactive panel discussions and security keynotes led by experts from prestigious government agencies such as the FBI, U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) and U.S. Department of Justice. In the Exhibition Hall, leading security solution providers showcase state-of-the-art technologies that offer protection against cyber attacks through engaging demonstrations.

The Official Cybersecurity Summit
Source: The Official Cybersecurity Summit

7. Cyber Strategy Retreat

Date: July 19-20

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

The Cyber Strategy Retreat is an esteemed business strategy event that provides a platform for executive panels, roundtable discussions, and keynote presentations. Its primary goal is to foster strategic thinking in cybersecurity within executive leadership. By bringing together business, technology, risk, and security executives, this retreat creates a collaborative environment where participants can establish meaningful connections and delve into relevant business topics.

With a track record of over 800 satisfied attendees from previous events, the Cyber Strategy Retreat is widely recognized for delivering on its mission of creating valuable connections and offering unique insights. It serves as a catalyst for promoting innovative ideas and approaches in the ever-evolving field of cybersecurity within the context of overall business strategy.

The Cyber Strategy Retreat cybersecurity event
Source: Eventyco

8. FutureCon 

Date: Multiple days

Location: Multiple locations

With over 20 years of industry connections in the Cyber Security World, the FutureCon Team helps attendees and vendors exchange knowledge, solutions, and tactics. The FutureCon Events Cyber Security Training focuses on cutting-edge approaches and risk management in the evolving cybersecurity landscape.

Learn how to build cyber-resilient organizations and how cybersecurity extends beyond IT by participating in panel discussions with C-level executives who have successfully mitigated cyber threats; discover what's new in the cyber world, converse with security leaders, and explore pressing issues. Attendees at FutureCon Events learn about the latest technologies and how to protect their computing environments. 

@FutureConHQ on Twitter

FutureCon cybersecurity event
Source: FutureCon

9. SEC-T

Date: September 12-15

Location: Munchenbryggeriet, Stockholm

SEC-T is an independent non-profit organization focused on spreading understanding about information security within the technology arena. As one of the best cybersecurity conferences, SEC-T is an affordable, non-profit, two-day, single-track information security/hacking event that takes place in late summer every year in Stockholm, Sweden. It is known for its high-quality talks and in-depth Q&A sessions with speakers, without sales pitches or marketing presentations.

The conference emphasizes the speakers' research and first-person accounts, providing a valuable experience for attendees. Moreover, SEC-T is reasonably priced and offers simultaneous translation for non-English speaking participants. As a gesture of recognition, the conference chooses to honor its speakers with a predetermined honorarium.

@SEC_T_org on Twitter

sec-t cybersecurity event

10. National Cyber Summit

Date: September 20-21

Location: Huntsville, Alabama

The National Cyber Summit is an annual multi-track cybersecurity event that brings together over 2000 participants and features over 100 exhibitors. It offers four dedicated tracks covering technical, organizational, and research topics, addressing the diverse landscape of cyber threats. As the nation's leading cybersecurity-technology event, the National Cyber Summit provides exceptional educational, collaborative, and workforce development opportunities for industry leaders and rising talents.

The summit stands out from other cyber conferences due to its wide range of focus areas, renowned speakers, and exceptional accessibility, delivering unmatched value to its attendees. Located in Huntsville, Alabama, a thriving technological hub, the event attracts participants from both government and commercial sectors.

Huntsville is home to various esteemed organizations, including Department of Defense entities and civilian departments such as DHS, NIST, NASA, TVA, NSA, and DOE. The city's industries span diverse sectors, including healthcare, automotive, energy, genetic research, and high technology.

The National Cyber Summit is proudly hosted by the North Alabama Chapter of the Information Systems Security Association (NAC-ISSA), Cyber Huntsville Corporation (CHC), Auburn University Research, and University of Alabama in Huntsville. This collaborative effort ensures a high-quality event that is a significant platform for cybersecurity professionals and enthusiasts to connect, learn, and stay at the forefront of the industry.

National Cyber Summit
Source: Huntsville Business Journal

11. CS4CA

Date: Multiple days

Location: Multiple locations

CS4CA (Cybersecurity for Critical Assets) is a global summit series that unites influential IT security and business leaders from the USA, Europe, APAC, LatAm, and MENA regions as it provides a platform for professionals to collaborate and address the increasingly complex cyber threats they face. By participating in CS4CA, attendees can share best security practices, discuss policy implications, assess current and upcoming threats with peers, benchmark their company's digital maturity, learn from real-life case studies and industry experts, develop practical steps for achieving cyber resilience, and understand the challenges of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

CS4CA promotes discussions, networking, and collaboration among senior professionals from various industries, including Oil & Gas, Energy, Renewables, Chemical, Utilities, Mining, Water, Power, and Maritime. It also welcomes participation from academics and government representatives.

Cybersecurity for Critical Assets
Source: 10times

12. SecureWorld

Date: Multiple days

Location: Multiple locations

SecureWorld has established itself as a prominent cybersecurity conference series in North America for 21 years. With conferences in 17 markets across the United States and Canada, SecureWorld offers region-specific content to address the rapidly evolving security threats InfoSec professionals face. Attendees benefit from these conferences' high-quality and affordable education, collaboration, and networking opportunities. Participating in SecureWorld events equips InfoSec professionals with the knowledge and tools to secure their organizations.

In addition to its physical conferences, SecureWorld has also facilitated interaction and learning through interactive online platforms for over 22 years. This way, professionals can receive high-quality training and collaborate virtually or in person. Also, SecureWorld events provide opportunities for evaluating top vendor solutions and establishing relationships with local chapters of security associations.

@SecureWorld on Twitter

Source: Netspi

13. Infosec World

Date: September 25-27

Location: Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort at Lake Buena Vista, Florida

InfoSec World, a CyberRisk Alliance Production, is the premier cybersecurity conference for security practitioners and executives. With its focus on expert insights, enlightening keynotes, and interactive breakout sessions, this conference informs, engages, and connects the information security community. As an in-person event, it equips participants with vital information and tools to enhance and safeguard their organizations.

Recognized as the "Business of Security" conference, InfoSec World offers valuable insights, captivating keynotes, and interactive sessions that inform, engage, and connect professionals in the information security field. Attendees gain access to essential tools and solutions, enabling them to effectively prevent, detect, and respond to today's security challenges.

@InfoSec_World on Twitter

InfoSec World
Source: eLearn Security

14. SecretCon

Date: November 2-3

Location: PAIKKA, Vandalia Tower at St Paul, Minnesota 

SecretCon is a dynamic and community-driven cybersecurity conference dedicated to fostering knowledge sharing and professional growth within the industry. The conference offers a wide range of engaging activities, including presentations, workshops, and interactive sessions, covering various cybersecurity topics such as vulnerability research, threat intelligence, secure coding, and incident response.

By bringing together industry professionals, researchers, and enthusiasts, SecretCon creates an inclusive platform for networking, learning, and collaboration. Attendees have the opportunity to stay informed about the latest trends, techniques, and challenges in cybersecurity, while actively contributing to the advancement of the field through knowledge exchange and community building.

Secret Con

15. Code Blue

Date: November 8-9

Location: Akasaka Intercity Conference Center, Tokyo

Code Blue is a renowned international conference that brings together the world's leading information security specialists to deliver cutting-edge talks and foster cross-border and cross-language information exchange and collaboration. The conference serves as a platform for participants to connect, share knowledge, and interact with experts from around the globe.

Code Blue is committed to nurturing international connections and communities and advancing a safer and more secure Internet world by bridging people through advanced technology, known as “code,” across the vast “blue” oceans. The conference proudly hosts distinguished researchers from various countries, showcasing their latest findings while promoting the discovery and dissemination of research achievements from Japan and other Asian nations to a global audience.

Code Blue
Source: Securelist

16. Security Exchange

Date: Multiple days

Location: Multiple locations

Security Exchange (SX), organized by M.Tech since 2005, is an annual premier event highlighting the latest technology trends in IT Security, Network, and Performance solutions across industries throughout Asia. It is a dynamic platform for vendors, partners, and customers to share insights, strategies, and best practices in combating evolving threats while enhancing network performance and optimizing storage infrastructure. With top-notch speakers, technology showcases, and valuable networking opportunities, SX facilitates knowledge exchange, fosters collaborations, and drives security transformation in organizations.

Security Exchange
Source: Security Exchange

17. Data Connectors

Date: Multiple days

Location: Multiple locations

Since 1999, the Data Connectors community has been a unifying force for senior cybersecurity executives, amassing an impressive membership base of over 650,000 professionals. As the premier cybersecurity community in North America, Data Connectors organizes live conferences and virtual summits, spanning cities across the continent. These carefully curated events provide an exceptional platform for esteemed members to acquire knowledge, collaborate, and cultivate valuable partnerships with law enforcement authorities, industry luminaries, and pioneering solution providers.

Data Connectors takes pride in nurturing a thriving ecosystem where cybersecurity professionals can flourish and drive innovation in response to the ever-evolving digital landscape. With each gathering, Data Connectors fosters an environment that enriches the cybersecurity community and cultivates lasting connections that transcend boundaries and ignites new possibilities.

@DataConnectors on Twitter

Data Connectors
Source: Data Connectors

18. Blue Team Con

Date: August 25-27

Location: Fairmont, Chicago

Blue Team Con is the nation's sole conference dedicated to cybersecurity defense, attracting a diverse community of professionals committed to proactively safeguarding their organizations against the ever-growing and evolving landscape of cybersecurity threats. With talks delivered by esteemed cybersecurity leaders from Meta, Gitlab, Amazon, Microsoft, IBM, The Department of Homeland Security, and other renowned entities, attendees gain a decisive edge by staying one step ahead in their defensive strategies.

Blue Team Con unites over 700 experts in defensive cybersecurity, providing an invaluable platform for information sharing, networking, and engaging talks by industry trailblazers. The conference places emphasis on proactive defense against cybersecurity threats and offers access to training sessions and events that spotlight defensive security tactics.

Furthermore, participants can participate in on-site training sessions facilitated by industry leaders, further expanding their knowledge base. Attendance is open to both conference and non-attendees, ensuring widespread access to the wealth of insights and resources Blue Team Con offers.

@BlueTeamCon on Twitter

Blue Team Con

19. Global Cyber Conference

Date: September 14-15

Location: Dolder Grand, Zürich

The Global Cyber Conference (GCC) stands as a preeminent international event in the realm of cybersecurity and privacy, drawing a distinguished audience of senior stakeholders, decision-makers, public authorities, and academia. This influential gathering serves as a vital platform for networking and knowledge exchange, fostering a collective comprehension of the measures required to fortify cyber resilience. At the Global Cyber Conference, participants gain exclusive access to a wealth of expertise through panel discussions, roundtables, and keynote speeches delivered by world-class cybersecurity experts.

In addition, valuable interactions await during the conference's coffee breaks, lunches, and through the integrated matchmaking application, enabling personal meetings with these esteemed thought leaders.

The upcoming September edition of the Global Cyber Conference focuses on the paramount subject of Cyber Resilience. While prioritizing this crucial aspect, the conference will delve into three essential subthemes:

  • Cyber Governance
  • Cyber Risk Management
  • Cyber Technologies

Each subtheme will be meticulously explored, equipping attendees with comprehensive insights and best practices for effectively managing cyber risks and cultivating robust cyber resilience.

Global Cyber Conference
Source: All Events

20. SECtember 2023

Date: September 18-22

Location: Meydenbauer Center at Bellevue, Washington

SECtember 2023, organized by the esteemed Cloud Security Alliance, is an exceptional gathering of leading experts in cloud security. This premier event offers invaluable insights into how organizations, industries, and nations safeguard their most critical assets and systems in the cloud.

Through interactive sessions, attendees will gain access to the latest technology trends and meticulously vetted best practices that fortify the security of renowned brands. From cutting-edge AI solutions to the revolutionary concept of Zero Trust, SECtember 2023 provides an indispensable platform for staying ahead of the cybersecurity curve.

This highly anticipated conference features a main event showcasing industry thought leaders and offers immersive training sessions on Zero Trust, Cloud Auditing, and Advanced Cloud Security topics. With its unrivaled reputation, SECtember is the must-attend conference of 2023 for equipping enterprises with the essential tools to effectively manage and mitigate cyber risks in today's complex digital landscape.

Source: Cloud Security Alliance


Cybersecurity continuously evolves as new technologies emerge and threat actors develop innovative ways to breach sensitive information and systems. Staying current with the latest trends and best practices has become crucial in the fight against cyber threats. This blog post has compiled a comprehensive list of the top 20 cybersecurity events of 2023. These events serve as bridges connecting industry professionals, fostering engagement, learning, and sharing of knowledge.

From industry-leading conferences like RSA Conference, Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit, and Black Hat to specialized events like Defcon and Cloud Expo Asia, each gathering offers unique insights, training opportunities, and networking platforms. The Official Cybersecurity Summit, Cyber Strategy Retreat, and FutureCon provide executive-level discussions and strategic perspectives, while conferences like SEC-T, National Cyber Summit, and CS4CA focus on specific aspects of cybersecurity in different regions. Other notable events such as SecureWorld, Infosec World, SecretCon, Code Blue, Security Exchange, Data Connectors, Blue Team Con, Global Cyber Conference, and SECtember 2023 cater to various interests, including information sharing, technical presentations, community-driven collaboration, cloud security, and defense strategies.

These events allow attendees to:

  • Gain insights and enhance their knowledge
  • Exchange ideas
  • Strengthen their cybersecurity practices by interacting with experts, thought leaders, industry luminaries, and solution providers
  • Make valuable connections
  • Stay current with the rapidly changing cybersecurity landscape

It doesn't matter whether you're interested in the latest research and innovations, organizational strategies, defensive security tactics, cloud computing, or critical infrastructure protection, the events listed here will meet your needs. Stay engaged, follow these events closely, and prepare for the upcoming years as they continue to shape cybersecurity. Stay up-to-date on our event plans by following our Events page and subscribing to our Newsletter!


What is the largest cybersecurity conference in the world?

The RSA Conference is widely recognized as the world's largest cybersecurity conference. About 45,000 people are attending every year, and the number keeps growing since 1991. 

What is the largest hacker conference in the world?

Defcon is the world's largest hacker conference, attracting thousands of attendees each year. With attendance ranging from 20,000 to 30,000 participants, the event brings together hackers, security professionals, researchers, and more. It serves as a platform for knowledge sharing, discussions, and activities related to cybersecurity.

What is the difference between RSA and Black Hat?

Practitioners are the target audience for Black Hat. The course is both educational and highly technical. RSA is a combination of both. In addition to deep technical training, there is a product sales and strategy component. In summary, while both Black Hat and the RSA Conference are prominent events in cybersecurity, Black Hat is centered on highlighting vulnerabilities and demonstrating cutting-edge hacking techniques, whereas RSA Conference covers a broader range of cybersecurity topics, including policy, strategy, and industry trends.

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