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September Highlights and a Sneak Peek into October

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Hello Resmo Community,

September flew by with some exciting changes here at Resmo. With October knocking on the door, here's a rundown of what's been happening and a little teaser of what's coming up! (Spoiler: It's something BIG 👀)

Lucid Integration for User Management Security Insights 🚀

Resmo Lucid integration

This integration helps improve the security and ease of managing user access, roles, and permissions in your organization.

Here's what you can look forward to:

Understanding Lucid User Data: Look into details of Lucid users like account information, roles, and permissions.

User Access & Permission Monitoring: Keep an eye on user accounts to make sure permissions are right and meet your organization's needs.

Historical Tracking: Watch for changes in user details and roles over time to maintain good user management and security practices.

Custom Alerts: Get notified about important changes:

  • When new users are added, changed, or removed from an account.
  • Alerts for changes in user assignments.

For a deep dive, explore our integration guide.

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Mark Your Calendars for 18 October! 🗓️ ✨

We have something monumental brewing! Though we're keeping it under wraps for now, mark your calendars for 18 October. We promise it will be worth the wait! 🔥

Before we sign off, we want to extend our heartfelt gratitude for being an integral part of our Resmo family. Your trust and collaboration fuel our continuous innovation.

Looking forward to an even greater October together!

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