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Overview: Scaling Your Security Program: A Risk-Based Approach for Achieving Harmony

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During our recent webinar, Cenk Kalpakoğlu provided an in-depth overview of app orchestration and discussed strategies for establishing a scalable security program using a risk-based approach. For those who missed, here's a recap of the key topics covered:


Kondukto offers application security posture management platform services to help organizations enhance their application security posture through application security orchestration. As the technical founder and CEO of Kondukto, Cenk Kalpakoğlu delved into the strategies for building a scalable security program, guided by our co-founder, Serhat Can.

Key Takeaways

  • Understanding AppSec and the Challenge of "Noise"

Short release cycles and an increased attack surface have made creating an AppSec program more challenging than ever before. Companies often use multiple security applications during development, leading to a communication bottleneck and information overload. This noise creates difficulties in managing vulnerabilities effectively and can impact the entire company.

  • Addressing Scalability and Communication Issues

Effective communication is crucial for a successful AppSec program. Identifying key metrics and starting small while gradually increasing the scope is a recommended approach. Prioritizing vulnerabilities based on a risk-based approach helps organizations focus on risks rather than individual vulnerabilities. Providing additional context, such as development metrics and company metrics, helps stakeholders understand the risks and aids in prioritization.

  • How Kondukto Helps Solve Communication Challenges

Kondukto starts the AppSec journey by mapping assets and tracing the application journey from development to production. By identifying common patterns and backtracing vulnerabilities, Kondukto reduces noise and alerts relevant individuals about vulnerable applications. Cloud adoption does not significantly impact vulnerability management tools like Kondukto, although asset discovery is often a bigger challenge for organizations that are not cloud-based.

  • Finding the Correct Stakeholders

It is crucial to identify the right stakeholders within an organization. There must be an owner for every identified item. To ensure effective communication, Resmo uses Azure AD or Google Groups to sync teams and individuals. 

"Cybersecurity is an ongoing battle as technology and attack surfaces continually evolve. Having a unified security solution that provides a comprehensive view is invaluable from a security engineering perspective."

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