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Resmo Monthly Newsletter - October Recap 📆

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Hello Resmo Community 👋

Last month, we hinted at something big brewing behind the scenes at Resmo, and today, we're thrilled to unveil it. Resmo now has redefined a sharp focus on SaaS security, crafting solutions for your changing business needs.

Now, let's dive into our monthly roundup of product updates and community highlights that you may have missed.

Key Product Updates

resmo saas security

Resmo's Renewed Focus on SaaS Security 🚀

Our mission is to meet the ever-evolving demands of dynamic businesses like yours. Here's some of what's new:

  • Identify authorized/unauthorized SaaS apps.
  • Enhance account protection with advanced security.
  • Simplify user offboarding with heightened security.
  • Spot potential SaaS configuration vulnerabilities.
  • Speed up security fixes with real-time ChatOps.
  • Monitor app usage and identify dormant accounts. Learn more.

Resmo Browser Extension and SaaS Directory Setup Enhancements

We're excited to introduce new configurations for your Resmo browser extension and directory setups. These enhancements offer greater control and customization:

📂 Directory Settings Updates: Customize welcome emails for new users and onboarding emails for browser extensions.

🌐 Browser Extension Flexibility: Opt to exclude onboarding emails and limit SaaS login monitoring to specific domains.

📧 Enhanced Privacy: Exclude personal email provider domains for increased privacy. Learn more.

resmo extension installation

Automated Resmo Browser Extension Installation Through MDM and Chrome Device Management

Great news! Resmo's browser extension can now be automatically configured through Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Chrome Device Management. This enhancement streamlines setup and management:

📱 MDM Configuration: Ensure every employee has the Resmo browser extension, reducing the risk of Shadow IT.

🖥️ Chrome Device Management Configuration: Automatically install the extension on employees' Chrome browsers for enhanced security.

No more manual installations; MDM and Chrome Device Management configurations simplify the process. Learn more.

Worth The Read 📚

Response to: How Cloudflare Mitigated Yet Another Okta Compromise

Okta, the enterprise-grade, identity management service, has recently experienced a breach. In their blog, Cloudflare analyzed an incident and gave recommendations for Okta and its users. As Resmo, we have expanded on these suggestions to help Okta users improve security cost-effectively. Read more.

SaaS Spend Management: Maximizing Value in Subscription Investments

Companies use at least 130 SaaS applications on average. Proper SaaS spend management helps businesses gain a strategic approach to optimize and ensure maximum return on every software investment. Here’s how.

Must-Know Insights from a Recent Report on Identity Security

Identities have grown into the primary gateway, making them a tempting target for cyber attackers seeking access to confidential corporate information. A surprising finding from the latest IDSA report shows that 57% of identity-related incidents in 2023 occurred because employees accidentally clicked on phishing emails. Read more.

How to Ensure Secure Usage of AI Tools

By 2025, Statista predicts the AI software market will reach around 126 billion U.S. dollars. Explore the challenges that AI presents and learn how to make use of these transformative tools securely. Read more.

Upcoming Event

Come meet us at AWS re:Invent

November 27 - December 1, 2023, Las Vegas, Nevada

AWS re:Invent unites cloud enthusiasts, experts, and practitioners worldwide. Resmo eagerly joins this dynamic community. Join us to discover Resmo and network with peers. See event details.

That's a wrap for October.

Until next time!

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