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Resmo January Newsletter: Latest Updates

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It’s hard to believe that the very first month of 2024 is already behind. But hey, we're not here to mourn the passing of time; we're here to make your security experience as easy as a breeze and more engaging! So, if you’re ready to scroll, let’s take a quick look at the key product updates and community highlights from January.

Product Updates

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Action Center Now Merged with Home Page

We've merged the Action Center with the Home page for a streamlined user experience. Now, you can easily access key operations like detecting shadow apps, managing weak passwords, handling shared accounts, and more, right from the Home page. Learn more.

AI-Powered Email Scanning for SaaS Discovery

AI email scanning

The new open-source AI method scans emails to identify new SaaS accounts, particularly in joining or subscribing to services. Currently available for Google Workspace users, it closes discovery gaps, spots Shadow IT early, complements existing discovery methods, and maintains a privacy-first approach by not reading or storing email content. Learn more.

Manual App Addition and Management

Resmo now allows users to manually add and manage applications, ensuring comprehensive coverage in app monitoring and management. It ensures that even apps not automatically detected are included in the inventory, enables custom data entry for specific app details, and ensures immediate inclusion of new apps, avoiding gaps in security coverage. Learn more.

New Integrations

new Resmo integrations

Google Analytics

Collect and analyze data from Google Analytics, ask detailed configuration questions, and receive alerts for critical changes. Additionally, this integration offers user provisioning capabilities, allowing you to revoke access, offboard users, and maintain role-based access control for Google Analytics accounts. Learn more.


Monitor JetBrains user information, team details, and effortlessly track licenses. Benefits include cost-effective license management, improved resource planning through team-specific insights, and smarter decisions regarding license allocation. Learn more.

Worth The Read 📚

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How to Prevent OAuth Vulnerabilities

OAuth can pose risks if a risky app gains access to your data or acts on your behalf without your knowledge. Additionally, being tricked into granting permissions to a harmful app can jeopardize your information. To mitigate these risks, it's crucial to monitor the users and apps you grant permissions to and take steps to prevent unauthorized access.

A Step-by-Step Guide for SaaS Offboarding

While much attention is given to the onboarding process, the importance of offboarding should not be underestimated. It's a crucial part of the employee lifecycle, ensuring a smooth transition when an employee departs from the company.

How to Manage Shared Account Risks

Are your team members using shared SaaS accounts with the same login credentials? If yes, that might be an attack vector for malicious intruders. With Resmo by your side, you can easily ward off shared account risks.

Tips to Prevent Social Engineering Attacks

Social engineering is all about tricking people into giving away their sensitive information through deceit and manipulation. Learn how you can avoid social engineering attacks.

Cyberpedia Term of The Day 🦉

Brute Force Attack: A method used for account takeover in which hackers employ a trial-and-error approach to speculate on user credentials, aiming to obtain entry to confidential information.

See Cyberpedia for complete glossary.

That's all we had to cover from January. Till next time!

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