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Announcing New Angel Investors and Focus: Resmo Elevates SaaS Security to New Heights

Hello to a New Chapter

Big changes are afoot at Resmo! We're sharpening our focus on SaaS Security, tailoring our approach to better serve today's dynamic businesses.

Warm Welcome to Our New Angel Investors

Resmo angel investors

First off, a big welcome to Sean, Daniel, and Austin. As our newest angel investors, they’re more than just industry pros; they've been our loyal customers and trusted advisors. We’re thrilled to have them on board, backing our vision.

Our Journey and the Road Ahead

When we set out in November 2021, we aimed to help companies see more clearly into their Cloud and SaaS setups. We built tools, and they worked well. But we realized that to truly address customer needs, we had to go beyond just offering a vast cyber asset inventory. We heard your feedback: it's not about just seeing everything, but seeing what truly matters.

Our core goal? Make IT and security teams' lives easier by managing and securing their tools more effectively.

Addressing the Big Tech Hurdles

We have a soft spot for small and medium-sized businesses. Their biggest challenge? Understanding who has access to what tools and apps. With our revamped approach, we're tackling this head-on:

  • Get a clear list of all your SaaS apps
  • Boost account safety with better security checks
  • Make user offboarding quick and complete
  • Ensure easy compliance with smart checks
  • Spot risky setups in your SaaS tools
  • Keep an eye on app usage and inactive accounts

We’ll be diving deeper into each area in our upcoming posts. Stay tuned!

Why Choose Resmo?

Resmo UI

While there are many solutions out there tackling vital security challenges, Resmo offers the simplest yet most scalable option:

  • Complete App Discovery: Resmo’s app discovery isn’t just thorough; it's diverse. By offering a range of discovery options, we ensure businesses, regardless of their size, gain complete visibility into their digital landscapes.
  • Identity-First SaaS Security: Resmo prioritizes identity security in SaaS applications. By actively monitoring all accounts, we ensure they remain secure and in optimal condition, providing the IT team with comprehensive visibility into their most crucial assets.
  • Empowering Every Employee: Security isn't just an IT issue; it’s a collective responsibility. At Resmo, employees aren’t just passive users. They're active participants. They receive, remediate, and learn, ensuring they contribute to a robust security posture over time.

Our approach isn't just about pointing out problems. It's about fostering a culture of security and working together to fix them.

Let's Connect

Want to dive deeper into what Resmo's new focus means for you? Let's chat. Book a time with us!

Wrapping up, we're buzzing with excitement for this new phase. A big thanks to our loyal customers for their continuous support. Onward to a more secure future! 🚀

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