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Introducing The Action Center on Resmo

We've got a shiny new feature to share. You know how Resmo is always looking for ways to make your SaaS security management smoother, more intuitive, and frankly, less of a headache? Well, we've been working on something big, and it's finally ready for you!

We understand the challenges you face managing a ton of SaaS applications, from keeping track of shadow IT to ensuring password security. That's why we've created a one-stop Action Center to bring all these elements under one roof, simplifying your day-to-day SaaS security tasks and boosting your overall efficiency.

Upcoming: The Action Center will be merged with the home page soon.

Let’s take a closer look at the Action Center.

What is the Action Center?

action center on Resmo

The Action Center on your Resmo account is designed to streamline and centralize the management of SaaS security concerns. It serves as a hub where the primary functionalities of Resmo, such as detecting shadow apps, identifying weak passwords, and managing shared accounts, are organized into distinct, user-friendly dashboards.

Basically, every actionable SaaS security and monitoring case are now easier to access and act upon.

What are the actions you can perform on these action pages? Take a deep breath cause this may take a while:

  • Authorize/unauthorize shadow apps
  • Assign accounts to their owners
  • Review and remove unauthorized apps
  • Offer SaaS app alternatives
  • Turn on alerts for excessive OAuth permissions
  • Authorize/unauthorize shared accounts
  • Send reminders to users who haven’t installed the Resmo browser extension
  • Ask the users with weak passwords to change
  • Review your SaaS subscriptions, add licensing to, or mark as free to keep track of your SaaS spending.

How It will Improve Your Experience on Resmo

At its core, the Action Center is about simplification and efficiency. By bringing together critical SaaS security and monitoring cases under one roof, it eliminates the need for IT teams to navigate through multiple interfaces or tools to manage their organization's SaaS security needs. Each category within the Action Center has its own dedicated action page, making it easier for users to focus on specific issues and tasks.

The design of the Action Center is intuitive, ensuring that even those without extensive IT security knowledge can effectively utilize its features.

  • Simple
  • Efficient
  • Proactive

Action Center Playbooks

The Action Center on your Resmo account covers different action pages that will suit your needs. These action pages are:

Shadow apps

1. Shadow Apps

Review the shadow apps in your company.

The "Shadow Apps" page within the Action Center helps manage the often-overlooked aspect of shadow IT in organizations. This page is specifically designed to provide IT teams with a comprehensive overview of all shadow apps – SaaS applications used within the organization without official approval.

Here’s what the Shadow Apps page offers:

Identification of Shadow SaaS Apps: It provides a comprehensive list of all shadow SaaS apps detected in your organization, offering visibility into unauthorized SaaS usage.

Actionable Controls: For each detected app, the IT team has several options: 

  • authorize (to formally accept the app for use within the organization)
  • unauthorize (to officially reject the use of the app)
  • ignore, remind later, review, or delete.

This flexibility allows for a quick and time efficient approach to managing each app.

Usage Insights: The page reveals who in the organization is using these shadow apps and when they were first detected by Resmo. This is crucial for understanding the scope and impact of shadow IT.

Dynamic Monitoring: IT teams can monitor the status of shadow apps in real-time, including the number of apps pending review, recently approved apps, and newly discovered apps in the last 24 hours.

unassigned SaaS apps

2. Unassigned Accounts

Review unassigned accounts and assign them to their owners.

Let’s start with what “unassigned accounts” are. As the name suggests, unassigned SaaS accounts refers to a user account within a SaaS application that has not been assigned to a specific employee or user. These accounts exist within the company's subscribed SaaS platforms but lack a clear association with a particular individual or role. Unassigned accounts can arise in various scenarios, including:

  • Employee turnover
  • Redundant accounts
  • Incomplete onboarding

Unassigned SaaS accounts can pose several risks and challenges for your company, including resource waste, security risks, and compliance issues.

Continuing with the solution, the Unassigned Accounts action page shows all unassigned SaaS accounts in your company in one place for easier monitoring and assigning. IT teams can quickly:

  • Review and assign the apps to their owners.
  • Ask another coworker to review
  • Remind owner to review
  • Ignore or Delete

3. Unauthorized Apps

Review unauthorized app usage in your organization.

Unauthorized apps are the SaaS applications used in your organization without your IT team’s approval or knowledge. You can view every unauthorized app Resmo detects in your company on the Unauthorized Apps page.

Actions you can take:

  • Ask employees to delete their unauthorized accounts
  • Ask for clarification
  • Offer alternative apps considered secure by your IT team
  • Delete account

4. OAuth Permissions

Review OAuth permissions.

OAuth (Open Authorization) permission in the context of SaaS apps refers to the authorization protocol used to give a third-party application limited access to user data without exposing their credentials.

On the OAuth Permissions action center, IT teams can monitor every OAuth permission with their severity, users with permissions, and apps logged in using the granted permissions.

With an easy toggle-on button, you can turn on alerts for critical permissions.

5. SSO Coverage

Connect your eligible apps to identity providers for better user access management.

The "SSO Coverage" action page focuses on enhancing and managing Single Sign-On (SSO) capabilities within an organization's SaaS environment. SSO is a crucial component in modern IT infrastructure, allowing users to access multiple applications with a single set of credentials, thereby streamlining the login process and enhancing security.

  • Ask app owner to connect eligible apps to your identity providers
  • View connected apps
shared SaaS account detection

6. Shared Accounts

Review which users are accessing applications through shared accounts.

On the Shared Accounts page, you can address the management and oversight of shared accounts within your organization's SaaS platforms. Shared accounts are user accounts that are accessed by multiple individuals, often used in scenarios where team collaboration or role-based access is required. While they can be practical, shared accounts also pose significant security and accountability challenges.

Key features and functions of the Shared Accounts action page include the following:

  • Identify shared accounts
  • Monitor access to SaaS apps
  • Authorize/unauthorize shared account access
  • Ask users to stop account sharing
  • Ask users to change password
  • Ask/remind someone to review the issue

7. Extension Coverage

Monitor your users' browser extension coverage.

Resmo operates more comprehensively with the Resmo browser extension installed on every employees’ browsers. This way, it can detect shadow SaaS, security issues, and usage data more accurately. 

With the Extension Coverage action page, you’ll be able to list employees who haven't installed the extension yet and the ones with expired status. Then, you can send reminders with one click. 

8. Weak Passwords

Review weak password usage and help employees eliminate security risks.

On the Weak Passwords action page, IT teams can address one of the most common yet critical security concerns in any organization: the use of weak passwords. Weak passwords are a major vulnerability in security systems, often leading to unauthorized access and data breaches. This section of the Action Center focuses on identifying, monitoring, and resolving issues related to weak password usage within the organization's SaaS applications.

It only takes a click to ask an employee to change a weak password or ask employees in bulk.

upcoming SaaS renewals

9. Upcoming Renewals

Review upcoming SaaS subscription renewals and take action before renewal.

The "Upcoming Renewals" section under the Action Center is specifically designed to manage and track the renewal dates of SaaS subscriptions within an organization. This feature is critical for effective financial and resource management, ensuring that organizations are well-prepared for upcoming subscription renewals and can make informed decisions about their continued investment in various SaaS tools.

Ready to Try?

We invite you to dive in and explore the capabilities of the Action Center. Experience firsthand how it simplifies complex tasks, provides critical insights, and empowers you to take proactive steps in securing and managing your SaaS applications.

You don’t have a Resmo account yet? You can create one for free.

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