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August Newsletter: Latest Updates and Community Highlights

Hello! 🌟 August has flown by, and it brought along a whole suite of product updates and some enlightening community content. While we're on the subject, have you checked out Cyberpedia yet? But let's not jump ahead. First things first.

Key Product Updates

1Password audit logs

🔐 1Password Integration: Audit Logging Like Never Before!

We're thrilled to introduce our fresh-off-the-oven integration with 1Password. You can quickly track system activities and events related to your 1Password account, such as employees’ item usage, directly on your Resmo Audit Logging page.

Key Features

Detailed Log Entries: Log every detail, from timestamps to user identities.

Centralized Logging: Merge 1Password logs with others, painting a full picture of item usage.

Activity Graph: Customize graphs to understand item usage patterns.

Search & Filter: Pinpoint logs swiftly with enhanced search tools.

For a deep dive, explore our integration guide.

🌐 New Resmo Sign-In Option with Microsoft OAuth

Microsoft OAuth loin to Resmo

Introducing sign-in support using Microsoft OAuth. You can now sign in to Resmo through Microsoft OAuth. Please note the GitHub sign-in option will no longer be available. We're here for any assistance during this transition.

🔍 CrowdStrike Integration

With the new CrowdStrike integration, you can monitor your resource security, changes in your Crowdstrike environment, and set up alerts for changes in user roles, permissions, host status, and more.

Change Alerts: Stay ahead with alerts on pivotal CrowdStrike data shifts.

Policy & Sensor Updates: Be informed on policy modifications and sensor activity.

For the ins and outs, check out our integration guide.

📸 Profile Pictures from Google Workspace & Azure AD

Resmo user profile pictures feature

Elevate your Resmo experience with a personal touch. We now fetch user profile images directly from your integrated Google Workspace and Azure AD. Get set for:

Enhanced Organization: Recognize team members at a glance.

Clarity Amplified: Navigate your Resmo workspace with visual ease.

Hop onto your Employees page on Resmo to witness the magic!

Community Highlights

✍️ Popular Blog Posts of August

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Understanding why security matters for SaaS usage in your workplace matters is the first step to securing it. Find out everything you need to know about it in this dedicated guide.

Remote Work Security Risks & Best Practices

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🔖 Introducing Cyberpedia

Resmo cyberpedia

Excited about cybersecurity but tangled in jargon? Unravel terms, concepts, and more with Cyberpedia, Resmo’s very own glossary dedicated to cybersecurity. Whether you’re a novice or a pro, Cyberpedia promises clarity and enlightenment.

That's our August wrap! Your feedback is our compass. Let us know your thoughts, and here's to making September even more spectacular. Cheers! 🥂

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