Resmo vs Lumos

Compared to Lumos, Resmo stands out for its multiple SaaS discovery methods, detailed security insights for effective IT management, and integration of ChatOps to improve team collaboration.
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Multiple SaaS app discovery methods

Resmo employs a variety of app discovery methods, including native integrations and browser extension so that you get the full visibility without blindspots.

Self-remediation through ChatOps

With Resmo, IT teams can reduce their workloads by letting employees fix their own issues through ChatOps, using channels like Slack or Microsoft Teams.

Reliable, secure and cost effective

Our team has background running four 9's availability systems over the last decade. We combine reliability and flexibility and make security accessible for everyone.

Why Resmo is the best Lumos alternative



Precision in SaaS App Discovery

Resmo stands out in the market for its precise discovery of applications, utilizing native integrations and a browser extension for accuracy and detail.

Efficient Security Issue Resolution

Resmo increases the efficiency of IT/Security teams with automated ChatOps workflows, enabling quick identification and resolution of security vulnerabilities.

Superior Value and Simple Pricing

Resmo offers an a balance of cost-effectiveness and pricing stability, with a flexible pricing model that adjusts to meet your unique requirements.

Comprehensive Integrations for Enhanced Data

Resmo integrates with over 100 tools to collect extensive data, improving visibility and security across all SaaS operations, extending beyond basic data collection.

Near Real-Time Change Detection

Resmo is adept at tracking and logging changes in all assets, keeping a historical record of users, applications, devices, and repositories for comprehensive monitoring.

In-Depth Incident Analysis

Resmo advances past simple user login information, streamlining the analysis of entities and incorporating SQL and free-text search functionalities for sophisticated IT investigations.

Deep comparison

Exploring SaaS Management Solutions: Why Resmo Stands Out as a Lumos Alternative

While both offer powerful solutions for SaaS application management, a closer look reveals why Resmo might be the more favorable Lumos alternative for your organization.

Comprehensive SaaS Discovery and Monitoring

While Lumos excels in centralized SaaS management and privileged access control, Resmo goes a step further. It not only offers 100+ native integrations for SaaS discovery but also uses browser extensions, enhancing its ability to identify both sanctioned and unsanctioned apps (shadow IT). This dual approach ensures more thorough visibility into an organization’s SaaS ecosystem, setting Resmo apart as a more comprehensive Lumos alternative.

User Data Consolidation and Access Management

Both platforms consolidate user data across SaaS tools. Resmo, however, provides an extensive overview of user app usage, permissions, and access levels, along with identifying unusual admin accounts, which is crucial for minimizing misconfigurations and unauthorized access​​.

Asset Centralization and Change Tracking

Resmo's asset centralization, complete with change history and audit logs, offers detailed tracking across critical assets. This feature not only enhances security but also aids in compliance, surpassing Lumos' focus on general SaaS management and compliance​​​​.

Streamlining User Onboarding and Offboarding

Resmo's approach to user onboarding and offboarding is notably comprehensive, ensuring seamless management of access privileges. This is particularly advantageous over Lumos’ general IT helpdesk automation, making Resmo a more holistic choice for organizations looking for detailed user management​​​​.

Security Risk Assessment and Compliance

As a CIS benchmark provider, Resmo's proactive stance on security risk assessment and compliance positions it as a leader in the field. It actively works to identify misconfigurations and vulnerabilities, a feature that is particularly valuable for organizations prioritizing security in their SaaS operations​​.

Employee Involvement in Security

Unique to Resmo is its use of ChatOps to involve employees in resolving security issues, integrating with communication tools like Slack and Microsoft Teams. This approach not only enhances security but also fosters a culture of security awareness within the organization. On the other hand, Lumos focuses more on automated IT helpdesk and access management, streamlining processes but without the same level of direct employee engagement in security issues as provided by Resmo's ChatOps functionality.

Conclusion: Why Resmo is the Preferred Lumos Alternative

While Lumos offers solid SaaS management capabilities, Resmo stands out as the more comprehensive Lumos alternative, especially for organizations seeking in-depth SaaS discovery, detailed user and access management, and a proactive approach to security and compliance. Its extensive integrations, thorough asset monitoring, and unique employee involvement in security make Resmo a well-rounded, efficient, and secure choice for modern SaaS management.

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“If you are running a modern business on SaaS you need to check out Resmo for asset management. It's life changing. You can query users and assets over all major SaaS providers."

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