Resmo vs JupiterOne

Resmo offers a much better user experience, change history, near-real-time data, and insights using SQL. Our pricing is suitable for every company no matter where they are on their journey.
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Familiar and easy to use queries with SQL 

Our flexible and familiar query language, SQL, allows customers to get visibility into resources and changes at no time.

Thousands of resources, queries and rules

Resmo offers managed queries and rules that drastically simplifies Cloud and SaaS security, compliance and operational best practices.

Reliable, secure and cost effective

Our team has background running four 9's availability systems over the last decade. We combine reliability and flexibility and make security accessible for everyone.

Why do customers prefer Resmo?



Near real-time up to date data collection
More frequent and faster polling intervals

Greater value and predictable pricing
Resmo's affordable pricing scales with your needs

Deeper integrations, more resources

Change history and actor information
Access historic data for queries, resource changes, and rules for a longer period

Familiar and flexible query language
Resmo's simplified SQL query language lowers the learning curve down to a minimum

Custom rules and resource groups
Configure increasing assets under logical classifications

Secure your growth. Know what is happening on SaaS and Cloud.

Microsoft Azure

Google Workspace

We change the way modern teams do security.

Let us show you how.