Security Vulnerabilities

Proactively monitoring cloud and SaaS environments for vulnerabilities is critical for security teams. By consolidating all asset configurations in one place, Resmo ensures faster and more contextual monitoring in real-time to discover, track, prioritize, and remediate misconfigurations.

Detect rule breaches with priorities

Detect rule breaches with priorities

  • Evaluate resources automatically based on a set of policies.
  • Prioritize remediation process according to warning states .
  • Create custom rules with severity levels and custom queries.
  • Filter policy evaluation results based on tags, severities, integrations, resources, and more.

Debug cyber asset changes

  • Visualize the changes to cloud and SaaS assets.
  • Discover the exact date and maker of configuration changes.
  • Query your resources to surface the context data of each change.
Debug cyber asset changes
Prevent SaaS and cloud security vulnerabilities

Prevent SaaS and cloud security vulnerabilities

  • Query AWS security group misconfigurations.
  • Eliminate lack of access restriction for your assets.
  • Prevent compliance violations using Conformance Packs for automated checks.

Secure your growth. Know what is happening on SaaS and Cloud.

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