Enforce security policies for all cyber assets

Resmo expedites your security checks by automatically analyzing your resources and configurations. Detect if any rule violates your policies and prioritize remediation efforts accordingly.

Automatically audit cyber assets

Automatically audit cyber assets

  • Use managed rules to easily analyze your security posture.
  • Create custom rules for security checks specific to your company.
  • Ensure that your assets are line with security best practices.

Enhance risk management

  • Evaluate risks across your assets faster with out-of-the-box and custom rules.
  • Track changes and activities in your rule as well as the change actors.
  • Mitigate, prioritize, and remediate risks based on severity.
Enhance risk management
Get notified in real-time if anything against your rules occurs

Get notified in real-time if anything against your rules occurs

  • Select notification channels like Slack, email, or webhook.
  • Create notification rules based on severity to prevent alert fatigue.
  • Prevent critical security gaps by knowing exactly where the vulnerability is just in time.

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