Governance and Compliance

Resmo expedites your governance and compliance checks by aggregating required evidence faster in a centralized view. GRC and cybersecurity teams can automatically detect if anything in assets proves against compliance needs and prioritize remediation efforts accordingly.

Automate compliance checks

Automate compliance checks

  • Use Conformance packs to collect compliance evidence.
  • Run compliance checks for security frameworks like SOC2 and PCI.
  • Automatically check if your SaaS configurations align with best practices.

Enhance risk management

  • Evaluate risks across your assets faster with out-of-the-box and custom rules.
  • Monitor all resources on a single place.
  • Mitigate, prioritize, and remediate risks based on severity.
  • Get notified in real-time if anything against your rules occurs.
Enhance risk management
Empower GRC and cybersecurity teams

Empower GRC and cybersecurity teams

  • Accelerate compliance checks with automation and collect evidence.
  • Map configuration changes and compliance gaps down to the user and endpoint.
  • Pinpoint issues by querying against all assets.

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