Cyber Asset Visibility

No more visiting different dashboards, sifting through different log files or remaining in the blind spot. Gain lightning-fast visibility into your resources. Resmo performs complex audits of your assets and pulls configuration data with pinpoint accuracy.

Identify gaps in AWS cloud security

Identify gaps in AWS cloud security

  • Discover publicly accessible Amazon EC2 instances.
  • List Amazon S3 buckets with public read access.
  • See IAM users with multi-factor authentication enabled.

Track SaaS misconfigurations

  • Identify Slack users without 2FA enabled.
  • List Jira users with emails from different domains.
  • Set notification rules for configuration changes to get alerted in real-time.
Track SaaS misconfigurations
Visualize all resource monitoring in one place

Visualize all resource monitoring in one place

  • DevOps, security, and IT teams can monitor and govern identities, authentication settings, security controls, and more.
  • Build custom dashboards as you need with widgets including bar and pie charts, JSON, and more.
  • Visually view configuration change history and understand in context.

Secure your growth. Know what is happening on SaaS and Cloud.

Microsoft Azure

Google Workspace

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