Discover known & unknown assets for Cloud and SaaS

Resmo helps you gain visibility across your cyber landscape; discover the known, unknown, and beyond.

Detect unknown assets and unauthorized access

Detect unknown assets and unauthorized access

  • Monitor all users that have access to your cloud or SaaS assets
  • Detect unknown users and prevent potential threats
  • Identify devices with access to your SaaS applications or cloud environments
  • Find out suspicious activities or access to your assets

Classify assets as entities

  • Easily overview all related assets in one place under specific classifications like users, IP addresses, and devices
  • Identify entity risk score to prioritize your vulnerabilities
  • Quickly check important asset information (i.e., if all databases you own are encrypted)
Classify assets as entities
Query your entire cyber asset inventory

Query your entire cyber asset inventory

  • Use the flexible SQL query engine to quickly answer complex questions
  • See if any unknown user has access to your assets
  • Discover unused or inactive assets to optimize costs and minimize your attack surface

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