Resmo for Security Engineering

Security engineers handle countless sensitive information on a daily basis. This requires having a systematic approach to continuous monitoring and evaluating resources for potential threats. Resmo helps security engineering teams achieve ongoing security and compliance by aggregating assets for unmatched visibility and controls.

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Cloud & SaaS Asset Visibility
SQL Query Engine
Rules & Notifications

Supervise Configuration Changes in Cloud & SaaS

  • Centralize all your cyber asset monitoring operations; reduce workloads in the most efficient manner.
  • Resmo consolidates single or multiple cloud environment and SaaS toolchain resources on a single place.
  • Integrate on-click with your favorite services like AWS, GitHub, Slack, and more to query and govern all digital operations from a to z.

Cut Down on the Attack Surface

  • Attack surfaces grow with the ever-increasing number of modern stacks. Resmo helps expand your security coverage throughout an entire infrastructure and SaaS toolchain to reduce your attack surface.
  • Detect security and compliance gaps across your cyber assets from a single platform, prioritize remediation based on severity, and automate your policies.

SQL Query on Resources & Receive Instant Answers

  • Security should give wing to your business, not slow it down. Query on your resources with standard SQL without needing to spend time learning a new language.
  • Ask any security, compliance, or best practices-related question, save your queries, share them with your team.

Secure your growth. Know what is happening on SaaS and Cloud.

Google Cloud Platform

Amazon Web Services

We change the way modern teams do security.

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