Resmo for DevOps

Put your best into the “code it, ship, it, own it” principle by accelerating incident investigation, automating security, compliance, and best practices checks for all your cloud and SaaS assets.

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Cloud & SaaS Asset Visibility
SQL Query Engine
Rules & Notifications

Reduce Interruptions, Focus on What Matters

  • Select an out-of-the-box rule or create custom notification rules to get alerted on configuration changes to your cloud and SaaS assets.
  • Get notified on incidents you choose, get more work done.

Spot Configuration Changes in Real-Time

  • Identify changes in real-time and the user or automation behind it with details.
  • Investigate and solve problems faster, automate the process, better focus on your digital operations.

Centralize visibility for all your cloud stack

  • Seamlessly integrate with your favorite cloud services and SaaS and ensure continuous compliance for DevOps and security teams.
  • Your infrastructure, repos, resources, issues, and more are all monitorable on a clean UI to enhance your shipping quality.

Secure your growth. Know what is happening on SaaS and Cloud.

Microsoft Azure

Amazon Web Services

We change the way modern teams do security.

Let us show you how.