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Modern developers need modern security and asset visibility solutions that lift off heavy workloads. Know when a configuration change occurs in real-time and advance your development in confidence.

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Cloud & SaaS Asset Visibility
SQL Query Engine
Rules & Notifications

Bird eye view of all resources from all developers for all developers

  • Seamlessly integrate with multiple cloud services and SaaS tools
  • Discover and search all your assets in one place
  • Observe historical configuration changes in detail
  • Add ready-to-use or custom dashboards to visualize your assets

Predefined and custom rules to ease security best practices monitoring

  • 400+ out of the box rule checks
  • Evaluate your resource configurations against security and compliance best practices
  • Investigate deeper using change history
  • Debug violations and spot the cause
  • Get real-time notifications on rule violations via your favorite channels

Instant queries with SQL Query Engine

  • Query over 300 resources using standard SQL statements
  • Feel free to save your queries to reuse and share with your team
  • View your execution history

Secure your growth. Know what is happening on SaaS and Cloud.

Microsoft Azure

Google Cloud Platform

Amazon Web Services

We change the way modern teams do security.

Let us show you how.