Continuous Validation with Rules (Policies)

Get notified of security & compliance violations and see the reason behind

Curated collection of cloud and SaaS rule checks

  • More than 400 ready to use rule (policy) checks - the number is increasing every day!
  • Learn security and compliance best practices
  • Deep dive into change history and see what caused a rule violation
  • No manual configuration with up to date rule sets for Cloud and SaaS

Debug violations and improve security posture

Getting notified on violations is one thing and actually knowing what caused a change is another. Our powerful rule engine works with SQL based queries and record every change to every assets. Once the status has changed, we take a snapshot of what changed, who made the change and when.

Custom rules for custom needs

There is no way static rules can cover every possible scenario. That's why we developed custom rules! Save queries and reuse them in rules. Write custom checks based on the result and prioritize based on severity level.

Secure your growth. Know what is happening on SaaS and Cloud.

Google Workspace

Amazon Web Services

Google Cloud Platform

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