Resource Change History

Track the change histories of your assets and rules

Unveil asset configuration changes

  • Narrow down threat landscapes by avoiding misconfigurations.
  • Identify the actor behind a resource change.
  • Find deleted assets to remediate vulnerabilities faster.
  • Use asset change history for cloud forensics or compliance evidence.
  • Find out the date of resource creation, date deleted, and modified.

Access and query rule change histories

  • Query changes, hunt down any piece of information in minutes.
  • Observe rule status changes in retrospect
  • Accelerate remediation processes by keeping a track of rule changes across all your cyber assets.
  • Bonus: Just add '_changes' to your resource key to spot changes.

Up to 12 months change history for all assets

  • Resmo stores change history data up to 12 months for your entire digital landscape.
  • Effortlessly obtain rich context of your resources by shedding light on change details and relationships.
  • Track rule activity, view when a rule was changed and its historical status

Secure your growth. Know what is happening on SaaS and Cloud.

Google Cloud Platform

Microsoft Azure

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