Complete visibility and security for Cloud and SaaS

Continuous security, compliance and cost management

Powerful integrations to collect resource changes.

  • One click and secure integrations to collect new resources and record changes to existing ones - in near real time.
  • Cloud and SaaS services are increasing in complexity day-by-day. We keep track of everything so you don't have to.
Integrations that just work.

Use native SQL.
The most popular data query language.

  • Our native SQL compatible language makes querying a breeze.
  • Query is a first class citizen in our product. Use SQL in dashboards, policies and alerts.
  • Choose from our comprehensive list of ready to use queries to get started easily.
Just SQL. Familiar and Powerful.

Policies for security, compliance, best practices and cost.

  • SOC2 compliance, AWS Well Architected, Kubernetes Security, Slack Security and many more ready to use policy checks.
  • Create alerts and runbooks for policies and debug policy violations all in the same product.
Automated Policy Checks.

Get timely alerts for threats and violations.

  • Attach alerts to policies or simply create new ones using SQL.
  • Get notified through Slack, email or webhook.
  • Continuous security and compliance require timely response. Get alerts in near real time.
Timely alerts.

Ask questions. Get real-time answers.

We collect every change and make them ready to query instantly. Use SQL to get answers now.
  • List GitHub repositories with visibility change to public from private
  • Get number of GitHub issues created by users
  • Find recently deleted SQS queues
  • Get number of Kubernetes services per namespace
  • Check if IAM User Password Policy Prevents Password Reuse

Customizable insight dashboards

Choose from a template

We have a list of ready to use dashboards for security, compliance, performance and cost insights.

You need something specific?

Our dashboards are customizable for your needs and built for flexibility from the ground up.

Policy Packs for collecting compliance evidence and automated checks

  • Check compliance for frameworks like SOC2 and PCI.
  • See if you follow AWS Well Architected best practices.
  • Learn if your tools like GitHub, Slack or GSuit are configured with security best practices in mind.

Secure your growth. Know what is happening on SaaS and Cloud.

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