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When Clouds are rainy, we are here to help you clear the way. Our AWS Integration can be installed per account or for all your accounts at once using AWS Organizations.
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More than 100 ready to use queries.

  • Find buckets which do not have default encryption enabled
  • Find EC2 Instances Public IPs
  • List all instances within a VPC
  • Find volumes with spinning/non-ssd disks
  • List unencrypted volumes attached to each instance
  • Check IAM password policy at least one uppercase letter and min length requirement
  • Find permissions of a specific IAM User
  • Check IAM User Password Policy Prevents Password Reuse
  • Find Users who updated their MFA Status within the Last week
  • Find Lambda functions with timeout/memory values
  • Find Queues with Visibility timeout longer than 2 minutes
  • Find a lambda function that has TOKEN, KEY in the environment variables (might be a security leak)specific Lambda function
  • Search recently deleted SQS queues
  • List DynamoDB Tables by the highest read capacity
  • Find unencrypted DynamoDB tables
  • Find DynamoDB Tables that streams both new and old records
  • Check if IAM user used password in last 12 hours
  • Find Security Groups with Incoming

All key resources. Collected in near real time.

  • EC2 Instances
  • IAM Role
  • IAM User
  • DynamoDB Table
  • Lambda Function
  • S3 Bucket
  • SNS Topic
  • SQS Queue
  • VPC
  • VPC Security Group
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