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Easily retrieve and monitor your Wizer master reports with complete visibility. Automate security checks and get real-time notifications through your favorite channels when there is a security rule violation.
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Track Employee Training Progress

Efficiently monitor each employee's progress in Wizer's security awareness training courses. This includes tracking completion statuses and timestamps, which is essential for assessing the effectiveness of your training program and ensuring employees are well-prepared to handle security threats.

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Optimize Training Effectiveness

Implement policies in Resmo for regularly evaluating the training progress across different departments and courses. These policies help in identifying areas where employees may need additional support or resources, ensuring the overall success of your training initiatives.

Get Alerts on Custom Policies

Configure alerts to receive notifications about significant updates in your Wizer training data, such as when an employee completes a course or when there's a notable change in a department's training progress. These alerts enable you to recognize achievements and quickly address areas needing attention

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Monitor Training Trends and Needs

Keep detailed logs of all training activities within Wizer, focusing on user progress, course completions, and departmental trends. Regularly reviewing these logs is key for understanding training effectiveness, identifying patterns, and tailoring your training program to meet your organization's specific needs.

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Wizer Integration with Resmo

Wizer is a digital security training platform aimed at increasing cybersecurity awareness and understanding. With the ability to track individual and departmental progress, compare course effectiveness, and identify training trends, it empowers organizations to optimize their security education efforts and proactively address areas of concern.

With Wizer integrated into Resmo, you can promote accountability by tracking individual employee's progress in security training. You can encourage competitive growth by identifying departmental strengths and areas for improvement. Moreover, by analyzing variations in training effectiveness, they can refine course designs for optimal learning outcomes.

Key features:

  • Track progress of each employee on their assigned training courses, including completion status and timestamps.
  • Determine which departments have the highest and lowest overall progress rates in completing the training courses.
  • Analyze how the training progress varies between different courses or modules.
  • Identify employees who have not yet completed their training and may require additional support or reminders.
  • Recognize any patterns or trends in training progress that can help identify specific areas of concern.

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