End-to-end cyber asset visibility, security, and compliance

Resmo helps keep your Gandi assets like domains, organizations, and users secure and compliant. Easily automate your security controls, get alerted on breaches, and speed up your vulnerability management cycle.
Continuous Audit History
Resource and Config Discovery
Security Analysis and Alerts

Inventory and Monitor Resources in One Place

Enhance the security and management of your domain portfolio with Gandi data insights. Through detailed analysis of domain renewals, SSL certificate statuses, and DNS configurations, safeguard your online presence and optimize domain management for both security and efficiency.

✔︎ Strengthen domain security with comprehensive configuration insights

✔︎ Efficiently manage domain renewals and SSL certificate statuses for uninterrupted operations

saas inventory
saas security policies

Enforce Your Own Security Policies for Automated Risk Audits

Establish and enforce comprehensive security policies for your Gandi domains. Ensure that domain contacts, SSL certificates, and DNS settings adhere to your organization’s security best practices, maintaining a secure and compliant web environment.

Stay Informed with Domain Configuration Alerts

Receive timely alerts on critical changes in your Gandi account. Be the first to know about domain registrations, SSL updates, and DNS modifications, ensuring rapid response to maintain a secure and efficient web infrastructure.

✔︎ Get immediate notifications for key changes in domain and DNS settings

✔︎ React swiftly to updates in SSL certificates and domain configurations

saas security alerts
cloud security audit logs

Gain Comprehensive Insights from Domain Audits

Access detailed audit logs for an in-depth review of Gandi activities. These logs provide valuable insights into domain registrations, SSL certificate changes, and DNS adjustments, enabling informed decisions for enhanced domain management and security.

Explore all resources from a unified view.

Managing SaaS security can easily become a challenge. Skip the challenges with Resmo by bringing all resources together on a single page. Discover users, groups, teams, escalations, and many other resources with their change histories.
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All key resources. Collected in near real time.

  • Certificate
  • DNSSEC Key Detail
  • Domain
  • Domain Contact
  • Domain DNSSEC Key
  • Domain Glue Record
  • Domain LiveDNS Information
  • Domain Record
  • Domain Renewal Information
  • Domain Web Redirection
  • Organization
  • User
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Secure Gandi with Resmo

Gandi is a domain name registrar and cloud hosting company that offers domain name registration, web hosting, and related services. Recognized for its no-nonsense approach to domain name registration and its commitment to customer rights and privacy, Gandi supports individuals, businesses, and organizations in establishing and managing their online presence.

With Gandi integration, Resmo allows you to track domain renewals and SSL certificate details, understand DNS configurations, check web redirection settings, and comprehend the association of contacts and organizations with domains. This comprehensive overview strengthens your management capabilities and ensures a well-regulated Gandi environment.

Key features:

  • Track Domain Renewal Status and Expiration Dates.
  • Access SSL Certificate Details for Each Domain.
  • Manage DNS Configurations Including Glue Records and DNSSEC Keys.
  • Monitor Web Redirection Settings and Protocol Compliance.
  • Evaluate Associations and Roles of Contacts and Organizations with Domains.

Secure your growth. Know what is happening on SaaS and Cloud.

“If you are running a modern business on SaaS you need to check out Resmo for asset management. It's life changing. You can query users and assets over all major SaaS providers."

Daniel Grzelak, CISO at Linktree

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