Visualize and secure your DigitalOcean assets while you build

Resmo helps collect, visualize, and secure all your DigitalOcean resources, like droplets, apps, domains, and more, in one place. Automate your cyber asset attack surface management with security rules; carry out your building process with peace of mind.
Continuous Audit History
Resource and Config Discovery
Security Analysis and Alerts

Streamline Cloud Resource Management

Efficiently track and manage your DigitalOcean resources, including Droplets, databases, and load balancers. Analyzing details such as associations with images, regions, or cluster configurations helps optimize cloud infrastructure and resource utilization.

saas inventory
saas security policies

Enforce Automated Infrastructure Audits

Implement automated policies for regular assessment of your DigitalOcean environment. These policies are key to identifying and addressing changes in resource configurations, ensuring that your cloud infrastructure aligns with operational best practices and efficiency standards.

Stay Informed of Infrastructure Changes

Set up alerts to receive immediate notifications about significant updates in your DigitalOcean account, like the creation or modification of Droplets, databases, or changes in load balancer settings. Timely awareness of these changes enables quick action to maintain optimal cloud performance.

saas security alerts
cloud security audit logs

Track All Activities for Incident Investigation

Keep detailed logs of all activities and changes within your DigitalOcean environment. Monitoring these logs helps in understanding the usage patterns of your cloud resources, tracking configuration changes, and ensuring consistent infrastructure management.

Explore all resources from a unified view.

Managing SaaS security can easily become a challenge. Skip the challenges with Resmo by bringing all resources together on a single page. Discover users, groups, teams, escalations, and many other resources with their change histories.
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All key resources. Collected in near real time.

  • App
  • CDN Endpoint
  • Certificate
  • Database Cluster
  • Domain
  • Domain Record
  • Droplet
  • Firewall
  • Image
  • Kubernetes Cluster
  • Load Balancer
  • And more
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Secure DigitalOcean with Resmo

DigitalOcean is a cloud services provider known for offering user-friendly and affordable computing platforms (known as "droplets"), managed databases, object storage, and networking capabilities to developers and businesses. Its primary goal is to simplify the complexities of cloud computing, allowing users to focus more on software development and less on infrastructure management.

With DigitalOcean integration, you can easily manage a precise inventory of your droplets and associated resources, swiftly recognize and rectify potential security gaps in your databases and configurations, adhere to industry-standard best practices, and consistently bolster the overall security posture of your DigitalOcean environment.

Key features

  • Track Droplets associated with specific images, regions, or projects.
  • Access details of databases, including cluster size, version, and status.
  • Count domains and domain records in the system and check their configurations.
  • Review configurations of load balancers, firewalls, and Kubernetes clusters.
  • Measure volumes and snapshots in the system, and inspect their sizes and associated resources.

Secure your growth. Know what is happening on SaaS and Cloud.

“If you are running a modern business on SaaS you need to check out Resmo for asset management. It's life changing. You can query users and assets over all major SaaS providers."

Daniel Grzelak, CISO at Linktree

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