Protect your database from unauthorized access and changes

Resmo provides comprehensive tracking of configurations, changes, and associated actors. With automated vulnerability detection, timely alerts, and dynamic visualization through interactive dashboards and graphs, you gain full control and insights into your data ecosystem.
Continuous Audit History
Resource and Config Discovery
Security Analysis and Alerts

Monitor Resources in a Centralized Inventory

Keep track of your ClickHouse database, focusing on tables, schemas, and columns. By analyzing this data, you can optimize query performance, ensure data accuracy, and maintain overall database health.

saas inventory
saas security policies

Automate Security Assessments

Implement policies for automated assessment of changes and vulnerabilities in your ClickHouse database. Regularly evaluating these policies ensures data accuracy, safeguards against unauthorized access, and maintains the integrity of your database.

Be the First to Know When There's a Change

Set up alerts to be notified of significant changes within your ClickHouse database, like the creation of new tables, changes in data ingestion rates, or performance anomalies. Staying informed allows for quick responses to maintain database health and efficiency.

saas security alerts
cloud security audit logs

Streamline Incident Investigations

Maintain comprehensive logs of all activities and modifications in your ClickHouse database. Regular analysis of these logs provides insights into user interactions, schema changes, and overall database usage, crucial for ongoing database management and security.

Explore all resources from a unified view.

Managing SaaS security can easily become a challenge. Skip the challenges with Resmo by bringing all resources together on a single page. Discover users, groups, teams, escalations, and many other resources with their change histories.
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All key resources. Collected in near real time.

  • Role
  • Column
  • Schema
  • User
  • Table
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ClickHouse Integration with Resmo

ClickHouse is an open-source column-oriented database management system that allows generating analytical data reports in real time. It's designed to process a large amount of data and is capable of handling most demanding analytic workloads, providing extremely fast, real-time data analysis.

Resmo's integration with ClickHouse provides powerful insights into your database management system, enabling effective data analysis and robust security governance. By enabling querying and analysis of specific tables and schemas, it allows you to extract value from your data effectively. 

Key features:

  • Enable querying and analysis of data in specific tables and schemas
  • Manage user accounts, including their roles and privileges
  • Track changes and modifications made to the database
  • Conduct audits of user activities and permissions

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“If you are running a modern business on SaaS you need to check out Resmo for asset management. It's life changing. You can query users and assets over all major SaaS providers."

Daniel Grzelak, CISO at Linktree

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