May 16, 2022: Rule suppression, actor information in asset change view, dashboard templates, Cloudflare integration
We are only a couple of weeks away from our public beta launch; our team has been busy delivering key capabilities that will boost user experience.
  • Rule suppression. It is the most significant update of this week. Everyone has that one S3 bucket that must be public, and getting notified of those resources is unacceptable. With suppressions, you can mark resources, add a comment, and Resmo will ignore those marked resources during the rule evaluation. Learn more in the suppression doc.
  • Actor information in asset change view. We can tell you who changed a resource for many integrations like GitHub or Slack. This actor data was already available in queries. You can see it within the asset change tab now.
  • Dashboard templates. They help you see things at a glance. You can build a dashboard from scratch or use templates to get started faster. More than 20 templates like AWS Security Insights, GitHub Resource, and Kubernetes Deployment Insights are available.  More on this front is coming soon! 
  • Cloudflare integration. We introduced the integration during Cloudflare’s platform week. Our integration gives you access to Cloudflare resources like users, DNS zones, user invitation, zone settings, etc.
  • PagerDuty official partnership. Resmo is now an official partner. The PagerDuty integration is currently listed in the PagerDuty integration list. Learn more in our blog.
  • Download the query result as CSV or JSON. Once you run a query, click the three dots next to the save button on the search page to download the result in a file.
May 2, 2022: Microsoft Azure & AD integrations, 200+ new rules & queries, self onboarding, documentation updates
Time flies fast! The last two weeks were busy, but our team knows how to deliver. We've introduced our Azure integrations, improved our product and documentation. Read on to learn more!
  • Our Microsoft Azure integration is live! With Azure, Resmo started covering all three major cloud providers. Azure integration supports more than 20 resources. 100+ queries and rules are also available out of the box.
  • Azure Active Directory integration is also live on production. Azure AD is popular among both Azure and other cloud provider users. It offers a complete identity and access management solution. The first of many is here in this category. We'll be adding a bunch of others soon!
  • Self onboarding is here!! We've been working on this for so long. We're happy to release the first version for all admin users. This enables new users to get started faster without any additional help. Existing users can also open onboarding by clicking their profile photo and Open Onboarding button.
  • Our Google Workspace integration is now officially approved by Google.
  • Simplified menu bar. Customers can go to key pages with one click. Besides, all configuration related pages are now under the settings dropdown.
  • 200+ new rules and queries for Google Cloud, Kubernetes and Azure integrations.
  • Major improvements for our developer documentation. Documentation now covers all integrations and notification channels with FAQ sections.
  • Queries now support better suggestions for all first level inner fields and existing data. On top of the last week's improvements, we extended the scope and added more autocomplete options. We've also removed unnecessary boilerplate and made it faster to start writing SQL.
April 18, 2022: New integrations (MongoDB Cloud, PagerDuty), custom dashboards, PagerDuty as a notification channel and query improvements
Our team has been busy working on new integrations, bug fixes, and product capabilities for you to get the most out of Resmo. We have even more in the upcoming!
  • MongoDB Atlas integration. Now, you can aggregate resources from MongoDB Atlas and query them.
  • PagerDuty integration. You can query PD users, add-on, ruleset, schedule, service and many others. We automatically check best practices and security issues that may occur.
  • PagerDuty notification channel. Receive alerts on rule violations via PagerDuty.
  • Dashboards! You can create your own dashboard with queries you want. Flexible way of seeing what matters the most in one view.
  • Improvements for rules and queries. Auto-complete just got smarter. Once you click space, we make better suggestions. We can even automatically suggest available field values. ie. when you query "Select * from aws_ec2_instance where region = " we can list avaiable regions like us-west-2 and us-east-1 and you can select from the list.
March 7, 2022 : Our first changelog!
Our product is rapidly evolving these days. From now on, we'll be writing down everything about Resmo in this changelog. We will also start sending monthly Resmo newsletter starting with the beginning of March.
  • Slack notification channel. You can now send rule notification to a Slack channel.
  • Search hot keys.