“Automated security alerts help us change in confidence.”

Learn how Thundra trusts Resmo to stay secure on dev and prod environments.
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Thundra is an end to end remote application debugger and APM for cloud-native teams. Their customers rely on their fast and secure monitoring capabilities to learn what is going on inside their apps.

As an advanced technology partner of AWS, they make use of AWS cloud and particularly Serverless tooling on their applications. They also rely on GitHub and Slack for their daily operations.

"Great product for full visibility and rich insights about Cloud resources" says Serkan Özal, Cofounder and CTO of Thundra

Thundra team secures AWS, GitHub and Slack, and they are looking forward to integrating the rest of their tools. 

As Serkan Özal states in his G2 review, Resmo’s most useful features are:

- Quick/Easy onboarding

- Powerful query support

- Very useful to detect garbage/redundant resources

- Alerting feature is fantastic to be notified when there is a security/compliance violation

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