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Recently, we have launched our first micro-site The driving idea behind it was how customers check a company’s security page before entrusting their data. It’s clearly understandable why. 

Today almost every website, from small businesses to enterprises, asks for customer information like email addresses and names one way or another. Considering the net world is crammed with hacking and phishing attempts, people want to know they can trust before giving up information. When you think like that, it’s easy to connect the dots; security pages increase conversions and customer trust

What is and How Can Businesses Benefit? homepage

A security page presents what precautions you take to mitigate security risks and data breaches and how you will respond to an incident. It helps assure customers that you will take solid actions instead of hiding the key under the mat. 

That being said, we designed to guide business owners on creating security pages from scratch. It breaks down into four main parts:

  • Step-by-step checklist
  • Free guide in PDF
  • Security page overviews of leading B2B companies like GitHub's, Shopify's, and Slack's security pages
  • Form for your own downloadable security checklist report

The Security Page Checklist

security landing page checklist

As we noticed during our research stage, there is hardly any information on how to create a compelling and professional security page. So, we created a 10-step security page best practices checklist inspired by how actual world-class companies do it.

From Zero to Hero Security Page Guide

security page guide

If you want to assure your customers of your product, service, or website’s unfaltering security and compliance but are not sure where to start, our guide will assist you in putting the required elements together with ease. It will also help you:

  • Understand how security pages boost trust and sales
  • Learn 15 best security page practices in detail
  • Discover how top companies manage to pull off sleek security pages

Download the free security page guide.

Security Page Overviews

security landing page examples

When looked into, online resources for security landing pages are limited. Not anymore. We put together a curated collection of the best security pages out there, including:

  • Atlassian
  • Cloudflare
  • Slack
  • GitHub
  • Zoom

Even a quick look at these summaries on can help you grasp an idea of what to include, how to design, and which elements to highlight on your security page.

Security Page Checklist Report

security landing page checklist report

Does your business offer two-factor authentication (2FA)? What security standards do you comply with? There are questions to ask yourself when building your page. Once you fill out the multiple-step form on, you can download your own report to be able to see what you lack and what you can present on your security page.

Bring Trust to Your Site and Be Seen as a Trusted Vendor

While the gravity of the security factor is widely-known and acted upon, most companies often overlook the transparency element and how they communicate their security practices to the customer. 

Customers cannot know what you don’t tell or show them. covers everything security page-related you need, from head to toe. Mind that in order to have an excellent security page, first, you should;

  • Fully protect customer data, 
  • Comply with privacy and security regulations like GDPR, SOC, or FedRAMP
  • Continuously assess and improve your security posture.

A simplified way to assess your cloud stack security:

Resmo can help you visualize your cloud and SaaS resources from a centralized view, monitor configuration changes, run queries, get alerted on rule changes, and, most importantly, constantly evaluate your security posture.

Request a demo today to maximize your cloud and SaaS asset visibility and fortify your security posture.

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