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October Newsletter: GA, Free Plan, Product, and Community Updates

Hi, Resmo community. đź‘‹

Excited to announce some good news today! 

Resmo is now generally available, bringing you the highest stability, performance, support, and security on our side. The even bigger news is, of course, the arrival of the Free Plan. See details.

Apart from GA and free plan announcements, we have compiled a few highlights from October to share with you as a newsletter tradition. 

Key product updates

Changes  page on Resmo

Changes Page to debug changes across your environments

The Changes page on Resmo collects all changes in your cloud and SaaS resources on a single page. It makes debugging vulnerabilities and minimizing risky configuration changes easier and faster.

Graph Page for resource relationship visualization

Graph page on Resmo

Increased visibility is now more structured with the Graph Page. It enables you to understand your resources in context and visualize how they relate to each other.

Users Dashboard to track all user data in one place

The Users Dashboard displays every user in your accounts, which apps or services they have access to if they are active or inactive, and more.

Free text search for free-form queries

You can type any keyword, phrase, or unique identifier in a free-form text to query your resources in addition to SQL queries. See the Resmo change log to learn more about new product features, improvements, and announcements.

New integrations

New Integrations

Brex: Resmo Brex integration helps you keep your Brex resources like users, companies, departments, and locations secure, visible, and compliant. Learn more. 

Sentry: Sentry is a popular application monitoring and error-tracking software used by many engineers. Now, you can connect your Sentry account to Resmo to safeguard all your resources on Sentry, including integrations, repositories, users, and projects. Learn more.

Qualys: This integration allows you to collect, query, and secure your Qualys resources like scans, findings, users, and more. Learn more.

Tenable: Resmo’s Tenable integration brings you complete control over your cyber asset attack surface, empowering your security and compliance operations. Learn more.

Community front

We welcomed Korhan to our engineering team in October and love seeing the Resmo team grow. Here’s everything else from the community front.

It’s the dawn of webinars

Resmo event

We’re currently cooking up our webinar calendar to bring you the best takeaways from industry experts. Stay tuned and subscribe to our YouTube channel to not miss out.

Coming up: Getting started with modern security using Resmo | Online, Thu, November 10, 2022, 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM EST - Save your spot.

What is Shadow IT? How to Mitigate It

Shadow IT is the use of software, services, devices, and applications not formally approved by the IT department within an organization. You can find out the telltale signs and mitigation methods in this article. Read more.

Introducing The Changes Page for Resource Change Tracking

The Changes page on Resmo enables you to view a graph that displays resource changes over time and see a list of all assets that have changed in a specific time range. Read more.

Getting Started with Resource Groups

A resource group is a logical grouping of your resources from integrated services. The resource group feature helps you easily view, filter, and manage your resources. Read more.

What are CIS Benchmarks for Google Cloud Platform?

If you’re using Google Cloud, CIS Benchmark for GCP is an excellent starting point to assess your configurations and assets against best practices for security. Here’s what you need to know. Read more.

That's all we had to share about October and the upcoming stuff at Resmo. Till next newsletter!

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