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Resmo Monthly Newsletter - April product and community updates!

I'm excited to send you our second monthly newsletter. April was an exciting month for us with a ton of new features and improvements.

On backstage news, our team is growing. We’ve welcomed Özgün to our frontend team and Büşra to our integration team last month.

As we are getting closer to our public launch, we’ve made substantial progress on all fronts. Let’s get on to them!

Product Updates

Every sprint, we focus on key deliverables and are happy to share that we’re on track with our plans. The following updates are major ones we wanted to highlight. You can see the detailed list in our changelog.

When writing SQL becomes a breeze

See it live in action on Twitter

We spend quite a bit of time improving the search experience because our power users love writing SQL queries. Our search autocomplete now supports better suggestions for all first-level inner fields and existing data. We've also removed unnecessary boilerplate and made it faster to start writing SQL.


Everyone loves to see important things at a glance! With Resmo Dashboards, we give you the flexibility to build custom dashboards using SQL with visual options like tables, single values, bar charts, and pie charts. Dashboard templates are coming over next week to help you see what matters right after you integrate Resmo with your tools.

Microsoft Azure and Azure Active Directory integrations

Resmo now supports Microsoft Azure! That means we have integrations with three major cloud providers including AWS and Google Cloud. Our MS Azure integration collects more than 20 resources and has 100+ out-of-the-box queries & rules.

Azure Active Directory integration is also live on production. Azure AD is popular among both Azure and other cloud provider users. It offers complete identity and access management solution. The first of many is here in this category!

Other integration news

  • MongoDB Cloud integration is live. MongoDB has been requested by some customers and we prioritized it!
  • PagerDuty integration and PagerDuty notification channel are live. We collect all your PD resources. We can also send notifications through PagerDuty for rule violations. Complete package for one of the most popular incident management software in the world.
  • Our Google Workspace integration is officially approved by Google.

Onboarding simplified

Since the beginning, we have focused on building a great user experience. Although there is still a lot of value in speaking with us, we spent a lot of time making our onboarding easier without any human help. We want our product to speak for itself. New admin users will complete a step-by-step onboarding that will guide them through adding an integration, writing SQL queries, to exploring rules and resources. Even though the onboarding is through, it doesn’t take more than 10 min. to complete, including adding an integration!

Community Front

Top 10 Questions to secure your Google Workspace

Google Workspace has various settings admins can use to protect users and data from cyber threats. Here are the top questions for Google Workspace security.

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Introduction to AWS Config: Simplified Cloud Auditing

AWS Config is an AWS service that allows you to audit, assess, and evaluate your AWS resource configurations. Here are the basics to get you started.

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Investing in our documentation

We all know that writing documentation is not the most fun part of building a startup :) But, we’ve decided to invest early on. Our team updated all integration and notification channel docs with FAQ sections.

DevOpsDays Krakow: DevSecOps - Shift Left or Right?

Last week, we gave talk at DevOpsDays Krakow titled “DevSecOps: Shift Left or Right?” and mentioned why teams should spend time shifting right, not just left. The talk was a take on why ops matters as much as dev in security.


Resmo integrates with a lot of tools. We started doing official partnerships on both the cloud and SaaS sides. If you’re interested in partnering with us, stay tuned, we’ll share our official partnership program for consultancy and technology companies!

Starting in May!

Conference season is open, finally! The weather is great. That sometimes means a holiday. Sometimes work. For us, we’ll be working hard towards our public beta launch. Stay tuned and share the love on social media.

Remember, you can still reach out to us for early access while we're in our private beta!


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