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Resmo May Newsletter - Product and Community News

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The spring air brought a refreshing atmosphere to the office, or it could be the exciting anticipation towards our approaching public beta phase. You know, it’s always something like pulling the curtains and sharing your creation with the world. 

So, the Resmo team has been hard at work delivering new product updates and improvements until the launch. As we are smashing the invisible progress bar, we wanted to bring the latest changes together and share them in our third newsletter. 

Product Updates

Sprints have come and gone quickly this month, but we are happy to share that we are well-aligned with our plans. The following updates are the highlights of this month. To see the detailed list, please visit our changelog.

New members of your Rule Detail pages

  • Rule Suppression: Suppression helps you tell us to ignore a specific resource inside a rule. For example, if you have an s3 bucket intentionally left public, you may choose to suppress it inside a rule. Plus, rule suppression history and the actor will also be visible in the Activity tab. 
  • Result Tab on the rule detail page shows the latest evaluation and SQL queries.
  • Report Issue Button on the rule detail page for faster troubleshooting.

News from the integrations front

  • Bitbucket integration is live! You can start querying your resources and set up rules to check your Bitbucket asset security and compliance automatically.
  • Cloudflare integration is in too. You’ll be able to query your Cloudflare resources, including accounts, users, and zones.

The actor behind a resource change is no longer a mystery

We added actor information on the asset change view to help you investigate resource changes faster and more efficiently. Now, you can see who made the changes to resources for many integrations like GitHub and Slack.

No need to reinvent the wheel; use dashboard templates 

You always have the freedom to create dashboards from scratch. But if you’d like to get started faster, you have a broad selection of more than 20 templates at your fingertips. (AWS Security Insights, GitHub Resource, Kubernetes Deployment Insights, and more in the upcoming.)

Packs - Out of the box compliance and security framework checks

Recently we’ve introduced packs, which are, as the name suggests, sets of rules packed and ready to accelerate your compliance checks and best practices. As a start, Operational Best Practices for CIS AWS Foundations Benchmark v1.4 Level 1 and Level 2 are now available.

Download query results and quick link to the original source

As per customer requests, we've added the ability to download SQL query results in search page as JSON and CSV files.

We've  also added a link to resource's detail page to make it easy to access the details in the original source.

Community Front 

The Hottest Trend in Cybersecurity: Why CAASM

Unmonitored assets are a minefield for security, and they risk getting exploited by malicious threat actors. As the latest emerging technology, CAASM is set out to address this unaddressed struggle. Here is all about the Cyber Asset Attack Surface Management trend.

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Top 5 Amazon S3 Bucket Misconfigurations and How to Monitor Them

S3 buckets are commonly considered as vulnerable to attacks caused by misconfigurations. This article covers the top Amazon S3 bucket misconfigurations along with potential risks they carry and how to monitor them for secure buckets.  

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Multi-Cloud Asset Visibility Guide


As it has become challenging to know each asset on siloed clouds, visibility morphed into a giant rock between organizations and secure cloud resources. This guide will help you understand the asset visibility challenge in multi-cloud and the best course of action to take. 

Download free guide

Rolling out the Public Beta in June

We are just a week away from the launch. Stay tuned for updates and feel free to spread the news and love on social media. Once the public beta is open, you’ll be able to sign up and start your free trial. For queries, reach out to us or book a demo to see Resmo in action beforehand.

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