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Resmo June Newsletter - Public Beta, Product and Community Updates

As we leave another month and fulfilled sprints behind, it's time to reflect on how June went for Resmo and everything in between. This month's prime was, without a doubt, the public beta. But there is more to it! Let's take a look.

Product Updates

Every sprint comes with new key deliverables, but the last two sprints have been extra exciting due to the private beta. We've added some new features and integrations and are happy to share them with you. For more information on our product updates, please visit the changelog.

Public beta is here

After months of hard work and dedication from the team, Resmo is finally open to public users. You can start using Resmo with a 14-day free trial and see how it helps your asset security and compliance posture. Learn more in our blog.

P.S. Special thanks to our private beta users for sharing the experience and their valuable feedback with us. 

New out-of-the-box integrations

Resmo Snyk integration image

June brought so many new additions to Resmo integrations. Snyk, Duo, Jamf, Okta, Datadog, and Gandi integrations are all live for you to query and reinforce your cyber asset security and compliance. Visit the developer documentation for integration guides.

Now, you can query more AWS resources!

We love all our integrations, but AWS might be the closest to being a jewel in the crown. Resmo already had 100+ supported AWS resources, but now it offers even more! Some of the newest additions include Athena, SES, SSM, API Gateway, ECR, EFS, Kinesis, and ElastiCache.

Faster navigation with Quick Search 

Resmo quick search feature

Here's a cool new feature: try hitting CMD+K to open Quick Search on Resmo. Type anything, and we'll bring you all related results, from dashboards to the most relevant resources.

New queries and rules for SaaS integrations

We've added new queries and rules for Cloudflare, Datadog, Gandi, and Okta. Give it a second look if you haven't noticed yet.  

YouTube updates

Have you seen our intro video yet? We’ll be uploading new videos on our channel. Don’t forget to subscribe to be the first to know.

Community Front

What is Continuous Compliance? Best Practices to Follow

Today, most renowned companies are adhering to continuous compliance instead of reviewing their compliance position with an annual audit alone. But what is continuous compliance exactly, and how can you adopt it?

Monitor AWS Cloud Resources in One Place

Maintaining asset security hygiene in the cloud can be challenging for engineering and security teams. Here are the benefits of using Resmo for AWS asset visibility and security with the best use cases.

Upcoming Events

Event season is just around the corner, and we'll attend the following upcoming events in July. You might want to check them out.

AWS re:Inforce image
Source: AWS

Fwd:cloudsec ‚Äď July 25, 2022, Boston

Fwd:cloudsec focus on the major cloud platforms, attack and defense research, and notes about security features and strategies. The tickets are sold out, but last year's videos were uploaded on YouTube. So, most likely, they'll be uploading this year's videos, too. Don't miss it if you're interested in the cloud and security topics. Learn More

AWS re:Inforce ‚Äď July 26-27, 2022, Boston

Amazon's AWS re:Inforce conference focuses on cloud security, compliance, identity, and privacy topics. We'll be sharing the event highlights with you in our blog; stay tuned. Learn More

To Infinity and Beyond

Our next milestone will be releasing general availability. Until then, we will be delivering more features, integrations, and product updates to improve your Resmo experience. See you in the next newsletter issue!

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