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July Newsletter: Microsoft 365 Integration, Latest Articles, & More

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July's been hot, but our Resmo updates? Even hotter! 🔥 Plus, we've got something big cooking behind the scenes (hint: it's not the happy hour pizza). Stay tuned to our socials over the next month to catch up with the updates.

Now, time for a quick flashback! Let's zoom through July's top-notch product updates and community highlights.

Key product updates

microsoft 365 security integration

Microsoft 365 integration

The jewel of July was unquestionably the long-awaited Microsoft 365 integration. Extract, analyze, and monitor activity logs from a range of Microsoft services like OneNote, SharePoint, Exchange, and Outlook.

If you're wondering how to utilize all this data, here’s a kick-starter:

  • Perform email analysis for better communication and email management.
  • Track file access and collaboration to streamline workflows and manage access controls.
  • Monitor application usage to optimize tool use and pinpoint training opportunities.

AWS Lambda Event Source Mapping & Lambda Layer resources

new AWS resources

Two more resource types are now in for AWS integrations;

  • AWS Lambda Event Source Mapping
  • AWS Lambda Layer

If you have these resources in your AWS account, you can monitor and query them on Resmo. 

New integrations

new Resmo SaaS security integrations

Microsoft Defender

The integration provides you the ability to extract, scrutinize, and monitor data related to browser extensions, certificate evaluations, recommendations, software vulnerabilities, and more.

Microsoft Intune

Microsoft Intune integration facilitates the collection, analysis, and monitoring of data pertaining to compliance policies and device configurations, among other things. 

A few sample queries to kickstart the process include inquiries about the details of device compliance policies, apps detected on managed devices, and the current device configurations.


With just a few clicks, Resmo integrates with your Hetzner Cloud account, offering an extensive overview of your cloud infrastructure and resources, such as certificates, servers, firewalls, data centers, and load balancers.


The integration allows you to link your NPM account and collect in-depth data on your NPM users, teams, and packages. This enables easy monitoring and assurance of their security from a unified platform. The resources that can be gathered include packages, teams, and users.

Community front

What is a Keylogger? Keystroke Logging & How to Prevent It

A keylogger is a form of surveillance tool, either software or hardware-based, that secretly tracks and logs every keystroke made on a designated computer or network, unknown to the user. Discover what it is and how you can prevent it.

Top 20 Cybersecurity Events of 2023

Wondering about the trends in cybersecurity? Nothing better than the good old events to learn more about the industry and meet like-minded people and experts. Here’s a list of the top cybersecurity events to keep you updated on the latest trends.

Biggest Data Breaches in US History

The US is the third country with the highest number of data breaches worldwide. That’s concerning, is it not? It might be best to learn from others’ mistakes before you make one. Learn about the major data breaches that happened in US history.

Is AI Cybersecurity's Greatest Asset or Threat?

Artificial Intelligence is the talk of the town (or humanity?) nowadays. If you wonder how it will affect the cybersecurity area, this article will definitely have light bulbs going on in your head.

Overview: Scaling Your Security Program: A Risk-Based Approach for Achieving Harmony

In our latest webinar, Cenk Kalpakoğlu offered a thorough analysis of app orchestration and shared tactics for setting up a scalable security program using risk-centric strategies. If you couldn't attend, here are the major points discussed for your reference.

Upcoming event

Devopsdays Chicago

devopsdays chicago 2023

August 9 - 10, 2023 - Chicago

Join us at DevOpsDays Chicago, an annual event bridging sectors like development, QA, and management, to enhance organization and product development. 

Resmo's CEO and co-founder, Serhat, will be among fellow DevOps enthusiasts. Feel free to stop by for a chat!

That's all we had to share from July. Till next time!

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