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Resmo August Newsletter: New Compliance Capabilities, Updates, and More

As Taylor Swift once said, "August sipped away like a bottle of wine." Luckily, the Resmo team took vacations, chilled under the sun, and deployed updates to secure your cyber assets all in one summer. Let's look back at the product updates, improvements, and community news highlights from August in this very newsletter. 

Product updates

Below are product update highlights that took place in August, including improvements, new features, and integrations. You can always see our changelog for updates and subscribe to be the first to know about every change.


AWS SSB compliance pack on Resmo

AWS Startup Security Baseline (AWS SSB) Pack

The AWS SSB provides a set of controls as a minimum foundation for organizations to build securely on AWS while maintaining agility. Resmo brought together AWS SSB controls in one place, making them more visible, easy to monitor, and actionable. 

AWS Partner Hosted Foundational Technical Review Pack

The Foundational Technical Review ('FTR') checks an AWS Partner's solutions against a set of AWS best practices around security, performance, and operational processes critical for customer success. Resmo automates and simplifies the process for you, providing:

  • Compliance score
  • Change overview
  • Info on which controls fail or pass
  • Remediation recommendations

Compliance tab on Resource detail pages

compliance tab on cyber asset details

We've added a Compliance tab on Resource Detail pages so that you can quickly overview all compliant and non-compliant rules related to a specific resource at a single glance.

Compliance status column

You'll see a compliance status column next to resources. This column makes it easier and faster to identify non-compliant resources.

Manual comment entry

Resmo provides a manual control type, allowing you to mark pack controls as applicable or not, depending on your system. With the latest pack updates, you can also enter comments to manual controls, i.e., in order to:

  • Add links
  • Document reasons for being applicable or inapplicable
  • Provide evidence

New integrations

Resmo ūüíú Heroku

Heroku is the latest addition to Resmo integrations. Now, you can integrate it with your Resmo account in one click. Start monitoring, querying, and securing your Heroku assets like applications and add-ons in one place. Learn more.

Resmo Bitbucket Connect app on Atlassian Marketplace

Our official Bitbucket Connect app is live on Atlassian Marketplace. You can use it to quickly integrate your Bitbucket account with Resmo and start securing your cyber assets.

Community front

security frameworks guide

Security Frameworks & Compliance Standards Guide

Understanding which security frameworks and standards apply to your company can be challenging. In fact, many SaaS businesses are not fully aware or well-informed about security frameworks. This guide will help you understand the popular frameworks like CIS, ISO 27001, FedRAMP, NIST, HIPAA, and GDPR. Read more.

Top Git Security Mistakes to Watch Out For

Git security mistakes are more common than you might think. Issues like hardcoding sensitive data, misconfiguring access permissions, and ignoring .gitignore can lead to critical vulnerabilities and even data exposure. Read more.

All About Compliance Packs & Exports

Staying compliant with industry standards and security best practices shouldn't be a burden on your developer and security teams. Resmo streamlines your compliance controls with packs that automatically scan your assets and configurations. Read more.

Fwd:cloudsec and AWS re:Inforce Recap & Highlights

Our CTO and co-founder, Mustafa, was present in fwd:cloudsec and AWS re:Inforce 2022 events in Boston. No need to worry if you missed the in-person experience; Mustafa bunched up major highlights and key moments in one article for you. Read more.

That's a wrap!

That's more or less every update we wanted to share with you. Note that there are a lot of changes and improvements going on behind the scenes. If you wish to learn more about them, you may check out our changelog. One last friendly reminder: Remember, taking action is key to securing your cyber landscape. Resmo is here to help you achieve that.


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